Milo Gore // Photoset

14th December | Mothers Ruin

How Do You Cope While Grieving For The Living? was the title of Milo Gore‘s tour, which stopped off at The Mothers Ruin, playing a sold-out show to a hugely expectant audience. Sources of modern grief are potentially plentiful. You could argue that humankind is adept at creating them. If we’re going to get ultimately existential, we could start arguing about what really constitutes ‘living’.

Falmouth’s finest indie-rockers were joined by Cornish riotous compatriots, Flowers of Palo and a pair of pleasing Bristolian combos, alt-rockers Fawner and guitar/drums duet, Wet Bath. Ultimately, Milo Gore’s answer to their own question raised in the tour’s title was to up the pace of life, raise the volume, get a collective sweat on and generally remind us to stop festering in whatever mire and get busy living.

See Milo Gore play live at the RouteNote Sessions here: