20th October | SWX | photos by Mustafa Mirreh

is racing towards becoming the biggest pop star in the world. She’s probably still best known for featuring on Major Lazer track ‘Lean On’ – recently revealed to be the most streamed song of all time – but tonight at SWX, it’s her work on her own that paints her as such an exciting prospect.

Striding out to an impossibly packed SWX and beginning with a version of ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’ that strips back its irresistible chorus to something approaching a slow jam, it’s a blip that comes early, and turns out to be the only downpoint of a triumphant show.

New, as-yet-unreleased songs are sprinkled in between highlights from No Mythologies To Follow, and while ‘Fire Rides’ and ‘Waste of Time’ are well-received, it’s the newer tracks that click, with ‘On and On’ a particular standout, already sounding like a chart botherer.

A snippet of MØ’s recent Justin Bieber collab ‘Cold Water’ is showcased, and the show predictably finishes with a thunderous ‘Lean On’, but it’s MØ’s singles that create more of a frenzy than her high profile guest slots.

‘Kamikaze’ is a blistering early highlight, and when ‘Final Song’ closes the main set, it feels like this is the song to carry MØ towards the top-level stardom she’s flirted with for years now.

Watch the video for ‘Final Song’ below.