27th October | The Louisiana | photos by Mustafa Mirreh

Pumarosa are without doubt one of Britain’s most exciting, infatuation-inducing new bands. Bristol seems to know this, with The Louisiana’s capacity stretched to breaking point for their first headline show in the city.

Cramming singles ‘Cecile’ and ‘Honey’ into the first ten minutes, the London five-piece make their intentions clear from the outset, and enough promise to last a lifetime is packed into a set that doesn’t even reach the hour mark. ‘Cecile’ is a rollocking cut, with noodles of guitars, synths, and Isabel Munoz-Newsome’s captivating vocals making their home in amongst an ever-present and thumping rhythm section. ‘Honey’, meanwhile, shows their capabilities also include penning choruses that stick like chewing gum.

There’s more than a few glimpses of Radiohead in the band tonight – namely the way the vocalist glides around the stage, and the stories conjured up by her words – and their fusing of delicate textures and something infinitely more danceable.

It’s hard to believe that tonight marks the band’s first headline show in the city – largely due to their complete control over the performance – but with a significantly larger and also sold-out London show the night before, and on the back of their first American tour, things are moving quickly for Pumarosa.

“Do people dance on a Thursday night in Bristol?” Isabel asks before the stunning, climactic ‘Priestess, and even if we don’t – we do – it’s enough to incite shaking hips from statues. Unable to leave the stage for their planned encore due to the sheer number of people crammed into the upstairs room, the last track is played out without fanfare. It’s a sign that Pumarosa’s ambitions go far beyond this room and this size of audience though – they’re a band you’d put your house on making it extremely big.

Watch the video for ‘Priestess’ below.