We can always count on Slagheap to deliver a dose of vivacious, raucous and uninhibited DIY punk, and their new track ‘Peckish’ serves up just that. Ahead of the official release tomorrow, we’ve got a tasty first listen to the track right here.

The first track taken from Slagheap’s upcoming new album, ‘Peckish’ instantly bursts into full, technicolour life from the first fuzzy guitar chords. Discordant melodies and growling basslines abound as the band’s characteristic shrill and clamorous vocals resound. Slagheap’s ever-incisive wit is on top form as they reference that classic Masterchef biscuit base moment and their playful lyrics capture the restless energy many of can relate to from lockdown. And whilst the track fully evokes this fidgety state we find ourselves in, the track is also an ode to existential mundanity felt even before everything came to an abrupt halt. The accompanying video, filmed in lockdown, augments this with wired and chaotic charm – delve in below.

Photo credit: Abi Bansal

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