Superlove // Photoset

1st August | Louisiana

In terms of how much love we ought to give Bristol bands, there can be no greater clue than this band’s chosen identity. Alex, Jacob and Jon (not their chosen band name) aka Superlove launched August (not officially) on behalf of the Society for Raucous Joy (not a real organisation) at The Louisiana in style.

They debuted a brand-new song called ‘Life is Great’ which it has more chance of being with songs like this in. It’ll be on their upcoming EP. as well as their newest single ‘Catch Of The Day’ which featured on the New Moons Volume 12 compilation album. With a nod to a band that has clearly inspired them on their way up, they covered ‘What You Know’ by Two Door Cinema Club. We were encouraged to sing and dance along. We danced. We sang. Finally, they closed with ‘Book A Holiday’, leaving people in the sort of high spirits in which they could easily head to the travel agents and part with their cash.

See the video for ‘Book A Holiday’ here: