I firmly believe that the growth of podcasts in the last few years is largely down to the failings of the mainstream media. As papers and news channels became more and more blatantly agenda driven, podcasts started to pop up as this free, uncontrolled alternative. Suddenly you had access to the uncensored thoughts and views of people from all walks of life – and it was free.

Two podcasts we chose not to include extracts from in this book were specials I did with two charities: the British Red Cross and Housing for Women. In each one I was put in touch with people who had been through unimaginable challenges, but wanted to share their story. Ramelle, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Mira, a young lady brought to this country for sex trafficking.

Both of these conversations were incredibly hard to have, and equally hard to listen to, but they were true stories of real events. At points they were graphic, but this was always at the wish of the guest, wanting not to shy away from the horrific things humans do to other humans. Even when the stories were told through tears it was with the belief that they MUST be heard and should no longer be ignored because of the discomfort we get when hearing them.

What’s more, podcasts can freely discuss politics and points of law with no pressure or bias. No forced agendas or lines to be towed. I haven’t had a single politician on the podcast, yet there has been SO much discussion of politics and legal process as these are things that affect so many of us. And there is always the space and time for open discussion and debate, regardless of the views that come up, as there are no ‘powers that be’ dictating the company line on particular subjects. I firmly believe that as podcasts grow they will gradually see the death or at least the removal of power and control of the agenda-driven mainstream media.

Book jacketThis is an edited extract from ‘Distraction Pieces with Scroobius Pip’, published by Cassell Illustrated on 11th August, £16.99.

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