Words: Leon Pattrick, Noods Radio

Now three-and-a-half years into broadcasting, we’ve moved from our living room sofa, to mates’ bedrooms, our favourite pub, and then above The Crofters Rights. Most recently we’ve moved to our own spot on Stokes Croft – and onto the digital airwaves across Bristol via DAB.

Whilst all the moving can be a bit of a pain, it’s proven that wherever we go, it will always still be the Noodio. It’s where friends meet up, where we share music with one another, and where we broadcast from. No matter where we’ve moved, the same ‘vibe~’ has transcribed, because where we are doesn’t matter – it’s the people that make it what it is.

It’s the volunteers who help out in the office and produce the shows, the artists that share their collection every broadcast, the listeners jumping in the chatroom and it’s the friends that roll through for each other’s shows.

The station began as something to do for fun between friends and as we’ve grown and expanded, it’s been so great to see the friendships and collectives that have developed. 

I’ve worked tons of jobs in Bristol, yet most of the people I know about town are through the station – and there is something seriously special about that. It’s the medium that can still produce this kind of community, one that translates both online and offline.

So, thank you to those who have lent us their hands along the way. Out to Ben Hazelden from The Surrey Vaults for taking a chance on us, Tommy from Blue Mountain for always sorting us with a rig in the early days, and Nick and the team from Crofters for helping when shit hit the fan and Nick for helping out with the DAB. Plus thanks to Franco & Fionn for being there since day one and to everyone else who’s ever tuned in, played on the station, volunteered their time, danced at one of our parties or bought some merch.

Radio is community.

Noods Radio is a Bristol-based independent station broadcasting around the globe. They’ve recently celebrated making the jump to DAB digital. Listen and more: noodsradio.com