Words: Christian Northwood, New Music Editor

Looking back on my nearly four years(!) as part of the Bristol In Stereo (forever Bristol Live Mag in my heart) editorial team, I thought it best to really reflect and *consider* the things I’ve learned during my stint.

It turns out they’re numerous – don’t leave everything ‘til deadline day, don’t drink so much at a gig that you don’t know what to write in your review – but the thing that stuck out the most was, to be quite honest, the most obvious: that Bristol’s music community is a very, very special thing.

Being New Music Editor has afforded me the privilege of speaking to, and making friends with, some of the best musicians, artists, DJs, managers, sound techs, bookers, show reps, label heads, night-runners and gig-goers that exist in the world. People who work tirelessly and enthusiastically to create unique, forward-thinking events and releases, which are then enjoyed by supportive, open-minded fans.

Bristol is also a city with some of the best venues, and although many have either been forced to close or remain threatened, the sheer energy that goes into making places like Exchange, The Louisiana and The Old England function is astounding. They’re venues that truly are breeding grounds for big things; and the city’s current favourite offspring, IDLES, are very much a testament to that.

As I leave the city after seven years – a time in which I still don’t feel I’ve even scratched the surface here – I think it’s best to use this space to, basically, just say thanks. Every artist featured in this magazine, every writer, every venue and every reader makes Bristol the place that it is, and Bristol is a city that constantly sets the pace for other cities to follow.

Even as I move elsewhere, I’ll have one ear firmly in Bristol – a place and scene that nurtures talent like nowhere else.

A huge thanks to Christian from everyone here at Bristol in Stereo for his hard work and keen contributions to this humble mag. Good luck!

We asked Christian which track he’d like to accompany this piece, and he thought that those in need of consolation from the existential despair caused by his imminent departure would benefit from a little bit of the reassuring wisdom of Chris Martin (for the sake of balance we ought to stress that other sources of philosophy/life coaching are available):