Too Many T’s // Photoset

21st November | Thekla

As proven on recent T-Shirt Day, you can’t strictly have too many T’s in terms of ownership. In terms of wearing them, two is probably the maximum, at which point three may be regarded as ‘too many’. Teddy Thompson and Terry McDermott taking tea and toast a stone’s throw from Tottenham Court Road Tube definitely has too many T’s.

If you’re more aware that Boris Johnson recently moved in next door to Ross Standaloft, half of rap duo, Too Many T’s, then you’re missing something in your life. It gave extra resonance to their track ‘Neighbours’ at Thekla. Knowing how that good Bristolian ships has had bother with their own developer neighbours recently gave the song an extra extra resonance. You can’t get too much of this band and their lyrically-sharp brand of social observation.

See the video for ‘Boris Next Door’ here: