It’s been a confusing week. On the one hand, it was like 35 degrees and I nearly melted. On the other, Sam Allardyce has been appointed England manager. But you know this all already. You don’t visit this website for the news. You visit it for smash hits, and let me tell you, this week we’ve got loads. Tuck in below:

Eric Sings – Glitch

This one, off the young Bristolians fantastic new EP My Hill, showcases not just his voice, but just how great a songwriter Eric is. ‘Glitch’ is a straight up grunge tune, but instead of the sludgy cacophony you’d usually associate with the genre, Eric keeps the song light, letting the instrumentation really breathe. Guitars dart in and out but he keeps one simple guitar riff present the whole song, creating a dark atmosphere that has an emotional depth.

Girlyboi – Popular Song

A song that revels in contradictions. To start with, where the first half is slow and dark, the second half suddenly kicks up a gear, before dropping back into a smoky haze. Then there’s the stark contrast between Carly Russ’ light, atmospheric vocal and Joseph Matick’s husky, dark one. It’s an expansive epic of a song, and one that shows a lot of potential in the New York duo.

Trash – Give Up

Though Trash’s name makes them sound like they should be playing three-chord hardcore, ‘Give Up’ shows quite the opposite. It’s an incredibly ambitious song for such a young band, with stadium sized guitar licks and an energy that sets them apart from your common-or-garden slacker band.

Ardyn – The Valley

Two piece Ardyn make the kind of expansive, beautiful pop that could only have been created by a band that grew up in the rolling fields of Devon. ‘The Valley’ is the first track off the band’s new EP of the same name. Singer Katy Pearson’s voice delicately weaves in and out of the slowly building layers of guitars and drums, whisking us away to the dramatic countryside where the band grew up.

DUTCH – Free Up

DUTCH is yet another talented rapper/singer from Toronto. Like, seriously guys, stop it now. You’re making literally every other city on earth look bad. DUTCH has a slight Weeknd vibe about him vocally, but his production is heavier and sparser, far more similar to Yeezus-era Kanye than any of his follow Torontonians more R&B style chops.

Preoccupations – Degraded

The second single from the newly re-named Preoccupations finds them back at their best. Guitars skip as the vocals soar, leaving a deep vein of post punk running through the middle. Although this is a reincarnation of sorts, it feels very similar to songs from debut album Viet Cong.

Wild Beasts – Celestial Creatures

Those who have been hanging on the every word of Bristol Live’s Tracks Of The Week (you do exist right?) may have noticed a lot of Wild Beasts recently. Generally I wouldn’t keep doing this but a) Wild Beasts are one of the best bands around right now and b) this new track is absolutely sublime. This is the track I’ve been waiting for off new album Boy King; subtle and emotional, yet with a dark sexiness buried deep. I promise this is the last time I’ll mention them, but if you’re going to listen to any song off new album King Boy please let it be this one.

The I.L.Ys – Starts With a C and Ends With a U

For those of you that don’t know, The I.L.Ys are the bastard sister of Death Grips. Where Death Grips put all their energy into trying to make themselves unlistenable, The I.L.Ys take their energy and darkness and big guitar hooks. ‘Starts With a C and Ends With a U’ is pretty low key for the first minute, with some lovely piano and horns creating a smooth bar jazz number. But then all hell breaks loose, and squelchy synths take over. It’s fun and playful, something that Death Grips often lacks.

Geowulf – Saltwater

‘Saltwater’ is just about as dreamy as they come, and the perfect bookend to a week of glorious sunshine. All the hallmarks of a great dreamy pop song are contained within it: Cascading synths, soft harmonies, big echoey 80’s stadium drums, lyrics about having water wash over you. It’s all there and it’s all marvelous.

Desiigner – Timmy Turner

Did you seriously think you were going to get away without a internet-hyped rap banger? Desiigner has proved on this song that he can write more than one smash. Yeah it’s a little bit Future-lite, but that final thirty second section maybe one of the best moments in rap this year.

Check back next week for more big hits