Frank Ocean was supposed to release his album last week. Well, Twitter said he would. Obviously this didn’t happen because otherwise this week’s tracks would have probably just been that album a million times (not that I’ve set my expectations too high or anything). To help you (and me) get over that though, here’s a list of some songs that are as good, if not better, than an imaginary Frank Ocean album:

The Avalanches – Frankie Sinatra

It’s been a long time coming, (literally 16 years) but FINALLY the Australian electronica outfit have come back with some new material. ‘Frankie Sinatra’ is the first we’ve heard from them and it’s a pretty great statement of intent. The vibe can only be described as ‘weird’, and dropping both Danny Brown and MF Doom over the bizarre horns helps to cement this.

Will Joseph Cook – Take Me Dancing

It’s looking more and likely that Will Joseph Cook will raise to the pantheon of Indie pop kings. ‘Take Me Dancing’ manages to not only do the whole tender verse thing, but also have a massive chant-along chorus.

Silverfield – Sticky Fingered Boy

If you had any inklings that the grunge revival was slowing down at all, then throw them straight out the window. The Hereford four-piece show on this new track that long hair and crunchy powerchords still have life in them. ‘Sticky Fingered Boy’ shimmers as much as it fuzzes though; hidden beneath the chorus heavy guitars is a real pop gem.

New Palace Talkies – The Sick

Is this the best song ever about being ill? Can you name any others? Doesn’t matter, Bristol based New Palace Talkies have hit gold with this. Full of lush strings and harmonies, the song slowly grows till it envelops your whole head, each wonderful harp strum relaxing you more and more. Jesus, I wish actual illness was as nice as this.

Pema – Not Looking For Love

Pema is the new project from Alex Cohen, who is usually seen fronting washed out indie 4-piece Alex Napping. Pema though, is completely different. ‘Not Looking For Love’ is the latest single released off her debut album, and it’s a brilliantly weird piece of electro-pop, full of hyperactive drums and bubbling synths.

Field Mouse – The Mirror

This track is as shimmering and shiney as the object it’s named after. The guitars wane between thick as sludge and light as a feather, with drums driving the whole song forward. It’s exactly the kind of track you need to get excited about Field Mouse again.

Happy Accidents – Running

In the video for this Happy Accidents look like they’re having more fun than I think I ever had in my teenage years. Seriously, watch the trio from London scooter and skip through country roads and bluebell filled woods and try not to think about how much of your teens was wasted watching the first season of Skins in a darkened room. Oh yeah, and the track, the first off their new album ‘You Might Be Right’, is a indie-pop masterpiece.

Margaret Glaspy – You and I

Yet another fantastic single from the American. ‘You and I’ is full of grimey slacker guitars and Margaret’s razor sharp lyrics. Her voice is as dreamy as ever, but listen out for it cracking when she almost spits the line “I think you might be horrible in a heartbeat”.

Shura – What’s It Gonna Be?

It makes 1000% sense that the video for this track is set a 1980’s American high school. I can’t think of a music video that has so fantastically summed up it’s song. You see, I’m pretty sure that this song was buried in a time capsule in 1987 and Shura recently dug it up and then re-recorded all the vocals. The synths are dreamy, the drums are massive and echoey, and basically this song should somehow be worked into The Breakfast Club.

Vic Mensa – 16 Shots

We’ve had a few scattered singles from the SaveMoney number 2 since his mixtape a few years ago, but nothing concrete. This newie comes off his new EP There’s Alot Going On, and it’s tackling of gun crime and Black Lives Matter see’s Mensa shedding his Chance The Rapper-lite schtick of before and instead positioning himself firmly in the same political stratosphere as Vince Staples and Run The Jewels.

Download here.

Check back next week for more tracks