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Going to warn you now. Smash Mouth appear in this week’s instalment. I never thought it would come to this. But here we are. Listen to all the songs below:

Harvey Causon and Gabriel Gifford – Worn You

Both these Bristol artists have floored us with their output in the past year or so; Gabriel with his work as Allergy Kid and with Maya Law, and Harvey with his solo output. The pair have announced that they will be combining for a whole EP, and judging by lead single ‘Worn You’, it’s going to be pretty special. The track’s minimal, cold piano line is underpinned by a pulsating bass and glitching hi-hats, whilst Harvey’s deep, soft voice twists the track into a beautifully melancholic few minutes.

The Drums – Meet Me in Mexico

A brand new single from The Drums, with all proceeds from Bandcamp purchases going to help the victims of the earthquake in Mexico last September. With the simple guitar lines, echo-drenched vocals and motorik drumming, the track is exactly what you’d expect from the band, and is both a great addition to their catalogue and for a good cause.

SOPHIE – Faceshopping

How do you like your pop? Unpredictable and facemelting? Then have I got the song for you. SOPHIE yet again comes through with a track that slaps extremely hard, whilst sounding like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Bubblegum sweet vocals clash with industrial percussion, with hit-hats rattling off like razors, before the whole thing suddenly shifts beyond all recognition.

Soccer Mommy – Still Clean

A tender cut from the upcoming Soccer Mommy album. Starting slowly, the song grandly builds, the beautiful guitar playing mirroring the vocals, whilst an organ whirrs in the distance. Full of vivid lyricism and longing, ‘Still Clean’ is the most accomplished piece of story-telling from Soccer Mommy so far.

Preoccupations – Antidote

Continuing with the cleaner, brighter feel of their last single, ‘Antidote’ opens with bustling drums and twinkling synths and, combined with the looping bassline, is pretty dancey tbh. I reckoned that their last single sounded a bit like early Spandau Ballet, and not going to lie, this one reminds me a bit of Duran Duran. Right up until the trippy, percussion heavy breakdown.

Courtney Barnett – Nameless, Faceless

It’s good to have Courtney Barnett back at her razor-sharp best. ‘Nameless, Faceless’ takes a pop at online trolls and toxic masculinity, with the songs relaxed verses giving way to the biting chorus of “I wanna walk through the park in the dark, men are scared women will laugh at them, I wanna walk through the park in the dark, women are scared men will kill them”. Like all of Barnetts best songs, it’s both laid-back and energetic, rambling but straight to the point.

Kayla Painter – In The Witch Elm

Some dark, atmospheric experimentation from Bristol’s Kayla Painter. Unhinged percussion flicks in and out of earshot, whilst unsettling keys pulsate, creating a menacing, supernatural world. Only at the track’s tail-end does any clarity emerge, with heavy bass cutting through the layers to bring the track to a climax. Abrasive yet hypnotic, the track showcases Kayla Painter’s expansive sonic palette.

Frank Ocean – Moon River

A beautiful, beautiful, beautiful valentines gift from the love of my life, Frank Ocean. Did you know it’s a scientific fact that Frank Ocean has never made a bad track? Check it. It’s a fact. This cover of the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s tune is delicate and bare, with simple guitar strums complimented by Frank’s layered harmonies. Simple, by brilliantly effective.

Smash Mouth – Something Soon (Car Seat Headrest Cover)

I mean, c’mon. It’s Smash Mouth covering Car Seat Headrest. And yes, it’s not great. But there’s no way this wasn’t going in.

You definitely want to listen to this and you can find it here

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