This week marks the end of the current format of this section of the website, and next week will be back bigger and better than ever. But for now, have one last taste of Tracks of the Week, in this frankly long-winded format. Enjoy:

Hayden Thorpe – Diviner

Ex-Wild Beast falsetto-ed heartbreaker Hayden Thorpe is back with his first solo song. ‘Diviner’ picks up his old band’s most celestial thread, his delicate voice gliding over cascading pianos. It’s bright yet sorrowful, existing in a place of special beauty that only Harden Thorpe knows the location of.

Aldous Harding – The Barrel

An intricate, soaring return from Aldous Harding. The softly plucked guitars and mournful pianos swirl around Aldous’s breathless voice, the track gently meandering till you don’t realise how far it’s taken you.

ShitKid – SuMmEr BrEaK

‘SuMmEr BrEaK’ is the theme song from your favourite coming of age movie that doesn’t exist. Bratty and biting, ShitKid’s newest track is pure punk, it’s razor sharp guitars and snarling lyrics sounding exactly like how you thought your band in school sounded like (only, you know, good).

Tierra Whack – Only Child

Tierra Whack finally breaks out of her self imposed one-minute limit, proving that she is one of the most exciting artists around at the moment. ‘Only Child’’s dreamy, chilled beat provides the perfect backdrop from her husky, eclectic flow. It’s an absorbing listening, the glitzy keys and chilled pace a world away from the often manic tracks from debut album Whack World.

Jelly Boy – Give Up and Gamble

The debut single from Jelly Boy. ‘Give Up and Gamble’ is a fizzing, dreamy piece of guitar pop whose static guitars and subtle vocals pay homage to 90’s alt-rock. An addictive turn of drowsy slacker pop.

Palehound – Killer

Despite its seemingly cool exterior, ‘Killer’ finds Ellie Kempner dreaming of killing an abuser, voicing the rage that many have feel, and flipping it from something helpless into something forcefully and fighting. Her husky, low-key delivery hides a darkness that spills out in the song’s breathtaking lyrics, making it absolutely mesmerising.

Suzi Wu – Error 404

London’s Suzi Wu is back with her nocturnal, glitching brand of pop. ‘Error 404’ is scattergun, her vocals switching from deep and skipping to smooth in a second, but always keeping an edge of unpredictability and mirth throughout. Bustling and brilliant, ‘Error 404’ attacks from all sides.

Rico Nasty – Sandy

Oh shit I think Rico Nasty just blew my eardrums. There’s no way a song should be legally allowed to slap this hard. It’s literally just the biggest bass thud imaginable plus Rico’s sharp-as-a-knife flow, and god damn does it go in hard. Plus the video is just memes and Spongebob pics. I can’t wait for my eardrums to recover so I can listen to it again.

That song from ‘The Breakfast Club’, you know from the end of the film where the older lad punches the air triumphantly


Come back next week and everything will be different (apart from there will still be amazing new music.)