Here we are. Back again. With more tracks. We’re over half way through the year now, and already there’s been a stupid amount of great music come out. Literally every artist you can name has surprise released something at some point via Tidal. It’s easy to miss stuff, I know. And that’s why Bristol Live are still taking the time every week to deliver you a big parcel full of music. Listen to this weeks below:

Van Zeller – Hold Me Back

It’s very hard to believe this is only the Bristol based four-piece’s second single. But anyone who saw them absolutely slay the O2 Academy’s main stage during Dot To Dot will know how far Van Zeller could go. ‘Hold Me Back’ is a tight indie-rock banger that’s heavy on the chorus and heavy on the fun.

Martha – Icecream and Suncream

I’ve already listened to Martha’s new album like 10 times (it came out yesterday), but I’m already convinced it may slightly take over my life. ‘Icecream and Suncream’, their newest single off Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart, is the cherry on the cake, a wistful punk song that starts off slowly before kicking into action with power chords and angst.

Newmoon – Head Of Stone

Belgium’s Newmoon started off as a hardcore band, which makes total sense when you listen their brand of intense shoegaze. You can hear it perfectly on ‘Head of Stone’; behind the layers and layers of shimmering guitars is a driving rhythm, powering the song forward.

Wild Beasts – Big Cat

There are two types of Wild Beast song a) the slow, shimmering heart wrencher or b) the creepily sexy banger. Big Cat almost definitely falls into the latter. While a single note loops in the background, Hayden Thorpe literally purrs “Big cat on top, better show me what you’ve got” in a way that combines sexy and menacing in the way only he can.

Slow Club – In Waves

So who’d have seen this one coming: Slow Club have gone country. Like full on grab-your-slide-guitar and-stetson country. Well maybe more Dolly Parton country, but still. ‘In Waves’ is easily be in the conversation for being one of the two-pieces best songs, and with the smouldering vocals and beautifully simple instrumentation, it’s definitely one of their most confident.

Clams Casino feat. Samuel T Herring – Ghost In A Kiss

I don’t think many of us saw a collaboration between Clams Casino, A$AP Rocky and Lil B’s beat maker, and Samuel T Herring, Future Island’s dancing meme generator, ever happening. But it’s here guys. And it actually works. Clams Casino’s minimal, undulating beat fits perfectly with Herring’s deep soulful voice. There’s even a bit where Herring’s vocal is pitched down an octave and he sounds like the Cookie Monster.

Johnny Foreigner – Undevastator

JoFo were the soundtrack to my adolescence and now, like 10 years later, they’re still able to reach right into my chest and steal my heart. Oh JoFo, how do you do it? It’s astounding that they can still manage to be so special, seem so raw and still write a great tune all these years later, but they’re just a very very special band.

Listen to the premiere on Gold Flake Paint here

Crocodiles – Telepathic Lover

Somehow Crocodiles have transitioned from noise rock weirdos to dream pop kings, and I for one am confused. ‘Telepathic Lover’ is smooth pop, reminiscent of Tears For Fears or maybe Echo & The Bunnymen at their lightest. I don’t understand quite how we got to this point, but I am definitely not going to question its brilliance.

Pink Flames – I’m Just A Star On A Democratic Flag

Pink Flames consist of Isabel Spurgeon from JC Flowers and Max Oscarnold from TOY and they seem to have combined both bands’ penchant for dark weirdness into this one shimmering piece of 60’s goth-pop. The song, originally by US 60’s band Smiles, slides along on guitar feedback and hushed vocals, and is darkly beautiful.

Jerkcurb – Last Night On Earth

The latest release from the South London songwriter is a waltz through heartbreak and darkness. It’s simple 50’s rock but with a feeling of loneliness and yearning that sets it apart.

Check back next week for some more tracks