Photo Credit: Camila Gonzalez Corea

We’re back at it again with some tracks of the week for all of you. As always, there’s an eclectic mix of music and artists, including some of the best Bristol has to offer. Get listening!

Ultimate Painting – Bills

Gonna crush your dreams a little now: This isn’t a Destiny’s Child cover. Now that’s out the way, you can get on with enjoying Ultimate Painting’s dreamy new single, the first off new album Dusk. With a driving krautrock rhythm and shimmering guitars, Bills sounds like a long lost Television demo.

JAXN – Explore

Manchester might just have it’s next big star. JAXN’s soft falsetto perfectly accompanies the minimal production, that pitches itself somewhere between early Metronomy and the The Weeknd at his most confident.

Kate Epps – Empty Game

‘Empty Game’ finds the London songwriter sounding distant. Her voice feels lost in a huge space. The simple keys that accompany her echo around in the distance. But all of this creates a vibe of wonderful melancholy that reverberates around your head. At its heart, ‘Empty Game’ is wonderfully dark pop, reminiscent of a stripped back Banks.

A.G Cook – Superstar

This is the big pop banger that we all deserve courtesy of PC Music’s head honcho. The collective have gone from weird novelty trend to genuine music powerhouse in a very short space of time and ‘Superstar’ is the icing on the cake. It’s probably the first and last song in Bristol Live’s tracks of the week that can only be compared to Cascada (in the best way.)

Justice – Safe and Sound

It’s been five years since the French dance duo released a song, which seems ridiculous. ‘Safe and Sound’ points to a very different incarnation of the band. Gone are the brain melting samples and the attempts to be dance music’s version of Led Zeppelin, and in their place is a lot of slap bass. There’s no denying this is a Justice song, but they’ve taken a brave step out into the funky abyss.

Bad Sounds Feat. ThisIsDA – Avalanche

‘Avalanche’ has catapulted Bad Sounds from being one of the South West’s best kept secrets onto the precipice of something fantastic, so it only seems right that for the remix of the single, they should recruit Bristol rapper ThisIsDA to kick it up a level.

Listen to the track here

Metronomy – Night Owl

Metronomy’s newest album has churned up some bangers, marking a very definite return to the funk-infused sound of their early albums. ‘Night Owl’ finds Joe Mount more confident than ever. Gone is the weird outsider that inhabited Nights Out, and in his place is an ice cold heartbreaker.

Beach Slang – Punks in a Disco Bar

Beach Slang return with what they do best: big heart-on-sleeve punk. The first single to be taken off their new album A Loud Brash of Teenage Feelings, ‘Punks in a Disco Bar’ is the track you should be setting your morning alarm to. Because if this doesn’t get you up ready to face the day, I’m not sure what will.

Harley Alexander – Staring at Photographs

This latest release by the ever-brilliant Sports Day Records is something really special. As calming as floating down a river in a rubber ring, ‘Staring at Photographs’ sounds Mac Demarco if he lived in a wood cabin for a year.

Jamila Woods feat. Noname – VRY BLK

Jamila Woods adds her own song to the swelling canon of modern black power anthems with this scintillating R&B song. Her voice, for its thinness, is powerful and defiant, accompanying the minimal soul backing. Noname drops a fantastically understated verse as well.

Check back next week for some more tracks