Photo Credit: Brandon C. Long

As some of you may know, I was very excited about the Frank Ocean album last week, and yes, I have listened to it an unhealthy amount of times. But then we all have right? Anyway, in between brewing my own hot take on the release, I also managed to source some other great new tunes just for you. Listen below:

Ulrika Spacek – Everything: All The Time

Anyone thinking the Ulrika Spacek had exhausted themselves after their debut album will be pleasantly surprised by this new jam, the a-side of a limited edition 7” single the band are releasing. With what sounds like about 20 guitars building dense, shoegaze layers, the song relies on beautiful dynamics and finds the band switching effortlessly between light and dark sounds.

Hot Shorts – My Phone is a Fucking Piece of Shit

We can all pretend that we’re super romantic and write our crushes love letters, but really phones are way easier. Well unless you’re a member of Hot Shorts, in which case your phone is the only thing holding you back, as the four piece carefully explain in this angsty, grunge banger.

Vince Staples – Smile

California rapper Vince Staples rarely seems to be in the conversation for THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE, but those that have disregarded him are missing out. With his perfect mix of modern trap influenced beats, hook laden choruses and lyrical prowess that even ~true hip-hop heads~ will appreciate, Staples is killing it right now. ‘Smile’ combines all of his strengths, creating a blues-tinged rap hit with a sparse, exposed outro.

Hazel English – I’m Fine

This, the second track from new EP Never Going Home, is smolderingly lo-fi. Hazel’s guitar is the only constant, raw and unaffected. Keyboard lines dance in and out, as do her vocals. It’s a heart wrenching cocoon of sound, with lines like ‘I don’t know why I’m afraid of everything, just to call the doctor seems daunting’ capturing perfectly the isolation of depression.  

This is The Kit – Cold and Got Colder

Not technically new, but this standout track from last years’ Bashed Out has been given a wonderful new video, so I thought it deserved a re-up. For those who haven’t heard (and you’ve had like, a year, what have you been up to??) the song is stunning; an ember of a folk song, that grows larger and larger, engulfing you in it’s soft horns and beautiful, sorrowful vocals.

Young Thug – Wyclef Jean

Young Thug aka No, My Name is Jeffery’s bonkers new mixtape JEFFERY is great before you’ve even listened to the tracks because of a) the incredible picture of him in a dress on the cover and b) because all the tracks are named after his favourite artists (and Harambe). ‘Wyclef Jean’ is my current fave because of it’s delicious reggae off beat, something Thugga hasn’t really attempted before.

Bon Iver – 33 ‘GOD’

Heavy, stadium drums and a real sense of urgency mark this apart from the other new tracks Justin Vernon has released so far off his new record. Possessing an almost anthemic quality, it does however rely on the glitchy samples that other recent releases have used. It’s sweeping, beautiful and a trademark Bon Iver song.

Lung Dart – Totem

‘Totem’ sounds like a mix between the Twin Peaks soundtrack and a hymn. The vocals are both choral and threateningly deep at the sound time, whilst a simple, cheesy piano plays in the background creating the slightly threatening vibe, but also a comforting one? Basically, it’s super weird.

Jeremih – Pass Dat (Remix) feat Chance the Rapper, Young Thug, The Weeknd

Come on, do you think that any song with Jeremih, Chance, Thugga and The Weeknd on is going to be bad? Obviously not. The extra verses goes to show that anyone trying to pigeonhole any of these artists is going to have a really hard time. All sound strong and versatile over the bouncy, sparse beat.

American Football – I’ve Been So Lost For So Long

You already know they’re back with a new album, and you’ve already heard this song. But go on, give it one more listen.

Come back for more Tracks of The Week next week!