I’ve got 99 problems but finding a load of great new songs for you is definitely not one. Check em below:

James Blake – If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead

The first new we’ve heard from James Blake in around two years, and also one of the most intriguing and experimental songs we’ve heard from him for a long time – possibly since his early EPs. I mean, James Blake songs are never straight forward, but with the glitching, experimental vocals effects, underpinned by minimal, pulsating synths, are unlike anything you’ll have heard before. Whether or not this is a taste of a new record, the track points towards Blake expanding his sonic horizons even further.

Swimming Girls – Back of Your Car

Fresh from their BBC Introducing West session, Swimming Girls share this new cut, the blisteringly good ‘Back of Your Car’. Part shimmering dream-pop, part sheeny 80’s new wave, the track is catchy as hell, with the sweeping synths and sticky hooks meaning repeated listens are completely unavoidable.

Fenne Lily – On Hold

The more and more we’ve heard of Fenne Lily’s upcoming debut album, the more her sound has grown, incorporating more and more layers, more instrumentation, until finally, here we are: A Fenne Lily Guitar Solo. Yes, you read that correctly. However, this is just a small part of the glorious new song, which yet again finds Fenne using her beautiful, intimate vocals to heart-wrenching effect.

Gender Roles – About Her

Some catchy-as-hell pop-punk from Brighton’s Gender Roles. Written about “things that can only be fixed at stupid o’clock in the morning sat in someone’s kitchen”, the track is packed full of heart and melody. It was announced earlier this month that the band had signed to Big Scary Monsters, so expect to hear a lot more from the band.

Car Seat Headrest – Cute Thing

Another taste of the ‘re-imagined’ version of Car Seat Headrest’s Twin Fantasy album. Probably the most full throttle track we’ve heard so far, ‘Cute Thing’ features Will Toledo brilliantly pleading “Oh God, give me Frank Ocean’s voice and James Brown’s stage presence , I will be your rock god when you’re rolling the dice”. It’s his usual mix of witty, self-deprecating lyrics and scuzzy Strokes-esque guitar fuzz, but the re-recording offers more layers and a sharper edge.

Palehound – YMCA Pool

A new one off single from Palehound. ‘YMCA Pool’ is one of Ellen Kempner’s slower numbers, but the balance of the softly played guitar with a fuzzed, thick guitar line give an element of darkness to the song. This song and b-side ‘Sea of Blood’ apparently could never find a place on a Palehound record, but finally having them on record is a real treat.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – American Guilt

Some full throttle, Zeppelin-esque garage rock from UMO. The fuzzy riff is infectious and the drums rattling, whilst the vocals sit behind both. Just as the song is reaching its peak it suddenly breaks off into a swirling, reverb-laden psyche outro. A high velocity re-entry into our ears from UMO.

Jay Som – O.K, Meet Me Underwater

The b-side to a new single from the brilliant Jay Som. After a cascading guitar opens the song it locks into groove, adding beautiful pianos, layers of harmonies, creating the feeling of waves lapping over your head. It quickly breaks down though, with short choppy guitar sequences, or stripped back vocal harmonies, giving the song a multitude of faces and dimensions.

The Garden – No Destination

It is pretty much impossible to predict what Californian duo The Garden are going to do next. After the motorcycle sample that opens the song, you might be expecting another haywire few minutes like the band are often keen to dish out in song’s like ‘Call This # Now’. Instead ‘No Destination’ is a glitzy, piano led number, built for driving along to. The beautiful piano loop that leads the song gives it a light, introverted feel, even coping with the punishingly thick bassline that threatens to over-power the whole song. A perfectly balanced piece of post-punk.

Nils Frahm – My Friend the Forest

I mean, if you are going to listen to just one track off the new Nils Frahm album, this is my favourite. But, basically, I’d suggest sitting yourself down and listening to the whole thing.

Next week is the 100th instalment of Tracks of the Week and I guess I’ll do some thing to celebrate. Come back next week to find out what it is.