6th December | O2 Academy

The music of Aldous Harding is honest and compellingly strange. Over the past few years, she’s quickly carved out a name for herself, releasing albums that refuse to slot neatly into the current musical landscape. In doing so, she’s proven herself to be one of the most exciting artists to come out of the 2010s.

Her latest album, Designer is her most realised effort yet. Equal parts beautiful and uncanny, it has an almost Kate Bush-like quality to it. Songs like ‘Fixture Picture’ and ‘Heaven is Empty’ refuse to give up their meanings to the listener, Harding’s idiosyncratic lyrics always twisting and turning. The videos that accompany the album’s singles further highlight Harding’s willingness to embrace her stranger side. In the one for ‘The Barrel’, Harding dances unsettlingly in a sheet-draped room, while the one for ‘Zoo Eyes’ sees her don an oversized clown costume.

Yet, even at its strangest, there’s always a sincerity to the music that Harding makes. It never feels as though she’s putting up a façade. Her music always feels personal, and in each song there’s the sense that Harding is giving us a glimpse into her world – even if she refuses to explain exactly what we’re glimpsing at.

See the video for ‘Zoo Eyes’ here: