Amber-Ruth Watson


Kate Tempest // Live Review

Kate Tempest
"She still made sure to look out into the audience as though each of us were her closest friends." Amber-Ruth Watson reviews Kate Tempest.

Simple Things // Festival Review & Photoset

Simple Things
"A looking glass of futurism with flashy electronics, VR and lights," and some splendid music, obvs. Amber-Ruth Watson reviews Simple Things Festival.

Jordan Rakei // Live Review & Photoset

Jordan Rakei
"Jordan Rakei’s set began with epic back lights swelling with the song." Amber-Ruth Watson and Philip Hiscocks review Jordan Rakei at SWX.

Kate Tempest // Preview

Kate Tempest
"Tempest is the mirror we all need to remind us that 'the brand is not happiness,' and to hold our own." Amber-Ruth Watson previews Kate Tempest.

Simple Things // Festival Preview

"Simple Things is spreading its cool gang tentacles across the city once again to brighten up your October with a huge line-up." Amber-Ruth Watson previews.

Jordan Rakei // Preview

Jordan Rakei
"Caramel soul vocals draped over his hip-hop inspired beats." Amber-Ruth Watson tries to contain her excitement for the appearance of Jordan Rakei at SWX.

Theon Cross // Live Review

Theon Cross
"There is no 'sitting back' in this band, as it felt each member consistently maintained their own importance." Amber-Ruth Watson reviews Theon Cross.

Lady Nade // Live Review

Lady Nade
"If you wanted to find a personality to represent the character of Bristol, hers would be it." Amber-Ruth Watson reviews Lady Nade.

Theon Cross // Preview

Theon Cross
"Tuba player, Theon Cross, is becoming a recognisable front runner of the great UK jazz revival." Amber-Ruth Watson previews his show at Exchange.

Dizraeli // Live Review

"Dizraeli wore everything on his sleeve: his heart, his past and his present." Amber-Ruth Watson reviews Dizraeli at Thekla.