Amber-Ruth Watson


Dizraeli // Preview

"Dizraeli demonstrates there is no end to the growth in your artistry." Amber-Ruth Watson previews the Bristol artist's hometown show at Thekla.

Kate Stapley // Live Review

Kate Stapley
"An exquisite, illuminating looking-glass into her ruthless and comical lyricism." Vintage Kate Stapley among retro clothing. Amber-Ruth Watson reviews.

Kate Stapley // Preview

Kate Stapley
Will Kate Stapley bring her "old-school, rock and roll coolness, or her effortlessly dreamy folky voice" on Thursday? Both. Amber-Ruth Watson previews.

FarmFest // Festival Review

"For such a small festival, it was a hugely eclectic mix of genres." FarmFest returned after a year's hiatus. Amber-Ruth Watson reviews.

The Sugarhill Gang & The Furious Five // Live Review

The Sugarhill gang took just about ten seconds to persuade Amber-Ruth Watson that they've still got what it takes after forty years in the business.

30/70 // Live Review

"As the band says, 'True soul music knows no bounds.'" Amber-Ruth Watson reviews 30/70 at The Lanes.

The Sugarhill Gang // Preview

They even sang the song from which the term 'hip-hop' was coined. Now The Sugarhill Gang head to The Fleece. Amber-Ruth Watson previews.

Farmfest 2019 // Preview

I love farms. I love festivals. Throw them together in a luscious, not-so-far-away Somerset field and what do you get? The bubbling gathering that...

Rosehip Teahouse // Live Review

Rosehip Teahouse
"Rolling indie-pop rhythms floating through lashings of glistening guitar riffs." Amber-Ruth Watson reviews Rosehip Teahouse at The Louisiana.

Stanlæy // Live Review

"An artist and creator who puts her entire being into her work." Amber-Ruth Watson reviews the launch of the new album by Stanlæy.


Petrol Girls

Petrol Girls // Preview

Ist Ist

Ist Ist // Preview


Dizraeli // Preview