Jess Greenwood


Goan Dogs // Photoset

Goan Dogs
"They held the audience from the moment they hit the stage, right the way through to the last note." Goan Dogs at The Louisiana - photos by Jess Greenwood.

Twisted Ankle // Photoset

Twisted Ankle
Esteemed sprain-related shouty men, Twisted Ankle, entertained with their sandpaper wit and sledgehammery noise-punk. Photoset by Jess Greenwood.

Deaf Havana // Photoset

Deaf Havana
The size and fervour of the crowd for Deaf Havana must be evidence in itself that they are doing something very right. Photoset by Jess Greenwood.

Miss Kill // Photoset

Miss Kill
The Free For All Festival at The Mothers Ruin delivered a highly liberating set from the twin-engined grunge machine, Miss Kill. Photoset by Jess Greenwood.

65daysofstatic // Photoset

65daysofstatic epitomise sonic innovation, with a full-on visual assault, just for good measure. Photoset by Jess Greenwood.

Sœur | Photoset

Sœur ended their run of four February Bristol shows, two unplugged, two electrified, with a totally-wired performance at The Louisiana. Photos by Jess Greenwood.