65daysofstatic // Photoset

21st November | Band Film Studio

65daysofstatic brought their most recent output, Decomposition Theory or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Demand the Future to Band Film Studio in Brislington to provide a thoroughly immersive audio-visual feast. Taking Decomposition Theory out on the road has clearly given it a different dynamic, subjecting it to a live editing process, perhaps bringing ‘decomposition’ to the fore, as no sooner is a version ‘composed’, than it lives and dies, being replaced by a new genus.

So whenever you see/hear 65daysofstatic on this tour, you are getting something essentially unique, more so than live versions in other bands’ gigs. There’s a dominant flow of projected images. This includes statistical codes and data, which to the unmathematical might just look like an episode of ‘Numberwang’ from Mitchell & Webb’s TV show, but still looks mightily intriguing. Jess Greenwood battled the tricky lighting conditions to get this photoset for us.

See a compilation of clips from 65daysofstatic’s 2017 performance of Decomposition Theory at the Algomech Festival in Sheffield here: