Jim Summers


British Sea Power Live Review

British Sea Power prove they can still wig out like the best of them.

Super Furry Animals Review

Nostalgia is fine, but the Super Furry Animals are here now and they still sound like nothing else on Earth. Cherish them.

Julia Holter Review

Like much on display tonight, it's an intensely pleasurable feeling to hear such wonderful music being created anew in front of you.

Julia Holter Preview

LA native Julia Holter brings her sweeping arrangements to Anson Rooms this month.

POLIÇA Preview

Find out how the meticulous, studio-centric sound POLIÇA have crafted on record, translates into the live arena

Mothers Review

The Georgia band brought When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired to the Louisiana

Mothers Preview

The Athens, Georgia group play The Louisiana next week.

Cavern of Anti-Matter Review

A fearless band of collaborative sonic explorers who could just be the soundtrack to a utopian future

Ought | The Lantern | Live Review

Ought are taking on the madness of modern Western civilisation and stripping back the veneer to find the fears and little joys

Youth Lagoon Review

Something beautiful occurred, all while Storm Imogen did her best to break the old tub free from her moorings and transport its reluctant ragtag crew out into the Severn estuary.