Kessie Bartlett


Sea Girls // Live Review & Photoset

Sea Girls
"Sea Girls' confidence enveloped the room from the moment they graced the stage." Kessie Bartlett and Philip Hiscocks review Sea Girls at The Fleece.

Sea Girls // Preview

With "lyrics that tread the waters of unrequited love, lust, second chances and charismatic women," Sea Girls play The Fleece. Kessie Bartlett previews.

Hackney Colliery Band // Live Review

Hackney Colliery
"The golden hue of their brass instruments offered a little glow in what had been a very un-summery week." Kessie Bartlett reviews Hackney Colliery Band.

Hackney Colliery Band // Preview

Hackney Colliery
"Band leader, Steve Pretty has declared it the 'right time to get back to our Jazz roots.'" Kessie Bartlett previews Hackney Colliery Band.

James Bay | Live Review & Photoset

James Bay
James Bay successfully combined the diverse approaches of his first two albums into a coherent and powerful set at Colston Hall. Kessie Bartlett reviews. Photos by Jessica Bartolini.

James Bay | Live Preview

James Bay
James Bay, hatless and short-haired, plays Colston Hall on June 2nd, blending his old sound with something very new. Kessie Bartlett previews.

Bastille | Live Review & Photoset

It's easy to play it safe when you have a substantial and reliable back catalogue and a devoted fanbase - unless you're Bastille. They completely rearranged their early material for their ReOrchestrated tour. Kessie Bartlett reviews. Photos by Hannah Rooke.

Bastille | Live Preview

Each and every one of Bastille's songs to be played on the night has been dismantled and reconstructed purely for the purpose of this ReOrchestrated tour. Kessie Bartlett previews Friday night's Colston Hall show.

Rae Morris | Live Review

Rae Morris
24th March | Marble Factory Rae Morris was a perfect fit for a venue like The Marble Factory. The large, lofty ceilings and exposed brick...

Jade Bird | Live Review & Photoset

Jade Bird
Proof that even on the most frozen of nights a little bit of warmth and magic can be found; upstairs at The Louisiana, Jade Bird began her first ever headline tour, witnessed by Kessie Bartlett and Paul Lippiatt.