Barns Courtney // Photoset

12th October | Trinity

Blues-rock from Barns Courtney, backed up by a bloke in boxers (support act, Will and the People) bringing a bit of everyone’s favourite Bristolian boyband, IDLES. Quite an evening – Trinity was the place to be.

(Y-)Front man, Will, from Will and the People was comfortable in his skin, as well as comfy in his undies. His confidence extended to confidence in the integrity of their elastic as he danced like no-one was watching, and delivering one of our favourite comebacks to gig-talkers (who’s supposed to make noise at shows?) in inviting them to talk more loudly, or even come and join him on stage.

Touring in support of his album, 404, Barns Courtney opened with an oldie, ‘Fun Never Ends’, which rather embodies the non-stop crowd-pleasing you can expect from one of his shows. Along with the musicianship, there was plenty of showmanship to enjoy, with so much crowd interaction, that there felt like there was very little separation between audience and stage. Rock ‘n’ roll ought to be this sweaty. A Barns Courtney show is better for you than a work-out.

See the video for ‘Hollow’ here: