Cascading with angelic harmonies and gloriously mellow beats ‘Wondering’, the latest release from Becky and the Birds, is a pensive and poignant track that sees Thea Gustafsson find catharsis through her music. With her debut EP due this summer, we caught up with the Swedish musician and producer to talk five tracks that have influenced her sound.

The second single from Becky and the Birds, ‘Wondering’ is a swooning, bittersweet offering that melds resplendent vocals with melodious, hypnotic looped samples as Gestafsson delivers a lyrical lament on her grandmother’s passing. Speaking on the track she expresses, “I wrote this song after I lost my grandmother, which was the first time that I experienced the death of a loved one. My grandmother was my best friend and such a light in my life, so losing her was really, really difficult for me. I didn’t know how to deal with the complete emptiness and confusion that I felt.”

Detailing how she found a certain release for processing this through her songwriting she adds, “that’s when I wrote this song, I just felt like I had to find different ways of coping, and thinking about the good times and the beautiful memories instead of what could’ve been”. And this balance between reflecting on a difficult period alongside recalling the fond memories certainly shines through on ‘Wondering’.

Get to know Becky and the Birds In Five…

Destiny’s Child – Second nature

There’s nothing quite like the early Destiny’s Child stuff. Honestly that whole first album is just full of jams, and all of those very pretty harmonies makes my heart break. This song is so smooth, soothing and it’s got everything I could ever wish for in a song basically. Forever on repeat.

Harry Nilsson – Don’t leave me

</3 As one could probably tell from my own lyrics, I’m a sucker for melancholy. I think it’s such a creative state to be in. Harry put melancholy and desperate feelings in this song but made them sound like a sunny summer day which is very strange and difficult to do but he made it work so damn well.

Martha Wainwright – Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole

I remember when I heard this the first time. I was watching ”Big little Lies” and this song came on, and I completely lost it. It’s a wonderful feminist anthem and a bloody mother fucking masterpiece. Thank u Martha <3

Nina Simone – I wish I knew how it would feel to be free

I had this song on repeat during my latest trip to New York. I remember walking by myself through Central Park with it playing in my headphones and I was just overwhelmed by the feeling of being completely free while looking at all of the beauty. I was so moved by Nina’s voice, it was this powerful force that I just kept on coming back to during that trip for some company and comforting. This song is slowly becoming my quarantine anthem too…

Ella Fitzgerald – All of me

If I would make a top ten list of all of the songs I’ve listened the most to during my life time, this would definitely be in there somewhere. I literally grew up with this playing from my dad’s speakers day in and day out. I learned the scat solo by the time I was six and it’s probably still my biggest accomplishment yet. Ha ha.

‘Wondering’ is out now.

Photo credit: Julius Hayes