Snake Invasion

The St Pierre Snake Invasion // In Five

Find out which five songs Damien Sayell from The St Pierre Snake Invasion chose as significant influences, including more than one surprising choice.
Some Bodies

Some Bodies // In Five

Check out the In Five selection of Some Bodies. They're likely to spice up your solitude and get you going in one way or another.

Langkamer // In Five

Josh Jarman and Dan Anthony of Langkamer select five tracks that have influenced their tastes and sounds - seven if you're being pedantic, but who cares...

Grove // In Five

When we declared Grove a 'New Sound of 2020', we weren't anticipating the sound of 2020 to be the sound of social distancing, punctuated...

The Desert // In Five

Covid 2020 has sounded like quite a curious adventure for The Desert. Check out their eclectic nominations for songs that have influenced them.