We previewed the new live video of ‘My Name’ by Some Bodies at the end of last week, which is set to form part of a live EP on some day of some month of this amorphous series of minutes and days that we call 2020. Those who enjoyed the 2019 album Sunscreen and caught them at one of those things we used to call gigs towards the end of the year will know why we picked them to be one of our bands to look out for in 2020.

See the live video for ‘My Name’ here:

As well as picking a song each for their ‘In Five’ feature, they’ve each given us an update on how they’re dealing with the joys of lockdown (and they’re at least 40% frisky…):

Rhys – Frank Sinatra – That’s Life

Quarantine has given me a lot more time to spend with my Rhodes and my synths. I’ve got a makeshift studio in the front room and I’m taking the time to learn some challenging pieces, as well as working on sounds for the next record.

Reviewers will often refer to the feelings of nostalgia on the last record we made and I think a lot of this comes from the traditional sounds brought by the keys. I’ve picked this track because I’ve always admired organ players and their ability to craft the sound during a live performance. It’s perhaps not a track the rest of the band would’ve put me down for but I felt it was right to mention one of the more nostalgic influences.

Tom – PJ Harvey – Meet Ze Monsta

Isolation isn’t the worst. I can watch Lord Of The Rings on repeat and don’t have to move too far from anything important like the bed and toilet. Highlights include going down the stairs, coming back up the stairs and buying new socks.

Took me a few years to figure out what this song was after hearing it from someone’s radio in North Wales one summer. Seems I’m good at prioritisation. Her nod to Captain Beefheart’s ‘Tropical Dog Hot Night’ and a relentless stomp steals the show. The whole album To Bring You My Love is an alluring spread of abuse, trauma and incomplete dysfunctional families; the perfect isolation record. I hope everyone is staying safe, stuffing their faces full of increasingly bizarre crisp flavours and is keeping the nation’s favourite, Love Honey busy.

Alfie – Gaz Coombes – Weird Dreams

What am I up to?

I’m working hard on writing for a side project I’ve just started, whilst also trying to figure out how to make a living as a musician who relies heavily on the live industry… But I’m happy, healthy (I think) and feeling pretty positive.

Gaz Coombes’ record, World’s Strongest Man came out whilst we were making the Some Bodies’ record. I was working as a tech for Gaz at the time (excuse my bias) and it’s hard to ignore how much the album moved and still moves me. This song in particular is the album-closer and it just sounds nuts; the production and arrangement is incredible.

I think it’s pertinent now seeing as everyone’s having crazy quarantine dreams – “I’m hounded by the horsemen and dreams of metal dogs.”

Joe – Candi Staton – I’m Just a Prisoner (Of Your Good Lovin’)

I’m no good at these things.

I am still working a few days a week, drinking too much and enjoying the stillness of the world. Feeling blessed to be alive and well. Been on a lot of walks, the dog is loving it.

This song – Mad energy. Incredible performance. What more can I say?

Fred – Prince – It’s Gonna Be Lonely

I’ve been trying to finish some demos, so I haven’t been listening to loads of stuff for fear of more blatant plagiarism than usual. I have, however, been thinking about all the separated lovers in this world. We may be nearing critical mass for sexual frustration: a love pandemic, if you will.

Consider for a minute:
All of the sexts that have started to repeat themselves.
The thirst traps set, but left barren.
The extravagant fantasies that grow ever more fanciful…
Will we be able to follow through on all of our promises once this has blown over?

I imagine, like me and my squeeze, you’ve all been dreaming of a time you and your significant other can both dress up as the artist formally known as: the artist formerly known as Prince and make sweet love to the main man’s own 1979 self-titled masterpiece. Lord hope we all get what we need soon. Till then… It’s gonna be lonely, baby…

Check out Some Bodies on Bandcamp here.

Featured Image by Nathan McLaren-Stewart