The first female rapper to sign to the prestigious High Focus Records, TrueMendous channels a raw realness in her inimitable and astute flow. Last month she released her debut EP, fully setting her out as a truly unparalleled artist and storyteller. We caught up with her to talk five influential tracks.

On ‘HUH?’ EP TrueMendous fully flexes her rich, diverse sound. ‘Hmmm’ serves up glorious summer vibes with her playful bars gliding atop resplendent, smooth R&B whilst ‘That Don’t Mean’ fuses brooding beats and glistening melodies with True’s incisive vocals delivering a powerful punch. Across this debut release, the Birmingham-born and now London-based rapper not only firmly marks herself as a powerful voice within contemporary UK hip-hop but also firmly carves out a lasting legacy as a classic in the making. With news of her debut album on the horizon, we can’t wait to hear more from her.

Get to know five tracks that have influenced the inimitable TrueMendous…

Talib Kweli – Four Women [Original by Nina Simone] 

One of the best storytelling songs I’ve ever heard. I appreciate the character embodiment he displayed and the detail each character was further given (especially him being a man speaking from different women’s perspectives). I was inspired to the point where I created a 5 track EP entitled ‘Hello’ based off of the original concept which further expands the stories of each woman.

Lauryn Hill – Doo-Wop [That Thing]

An Iconic timeless song. Impactful messages throughout the verses highlighting: materialism, impurity, temptation, God etc. Classic song that has a balance between upliftment, depth and reality over an up tempo ‘feel good’ beat providing a piece of mind for listeners willing to properly analyse the lyrics.

Frank Ocean Ft Andre 3000 – Pink Matter

A collaboration between 2 geniuses. Song writing and vocal deliverance are top tier.

Missy Elliot – Work It 

Ahead of her time. Most creative artist I’ve ever seen, from the playful/quirky lyrics to her outfits, the production and the visual which all went hand in hand. Missy Elliot’s entire back catalogue of music is the most artistic and diverse portfolio I have ever seen/heard.

Drake – The Real Her

Pushes a lot of emotion to the fore front. Clever punchlines and relatable messages throughout. I take inspiration from these kinds of tracks as they help me to embody the thoughts/feelings of individuals while narrating story-based songs (in particular about the struggles of women). I’m a fan of Drake’s older material in general.

”HUH?’ EP’ is out on High Focus now.