With his new EP Fourth Wall out now, we caught up with Harvey Causon to talk five tracks that have influenced the new release.

Across the five tracks, Causon crafts a shimmering, transcendent blend of atmospheric electronica and lo-fi R&B imbued with expansive, soulful jazz inflections. Balancing a wistful reflective essence with melodic warmth the EP offers some of his most mesmerising and abundant work to date. Each track on Fourth Wall unfurls with richly textured, nuanced layers of instrumentation perfectly complementing Causon’s sublimely serene, graceful vocals.

Speaking on the broad topics Causon explores within release, the Bristol-based musician and producer expresses, “There are multiple narratives to the EP. Hypnagogic nightmare sleep states, the construct of spacetime, spectatorship through to consciousness and heuristic bias. Openin track ‘Off Kilter’ transcends a vent up anger criticising the Cambridge Analytica Scandal and its use of data manipulation and biased advertising on social media to engineer the Brexit campaign. Musical features across the EP conspire from songs developed with the full band juxtaposed with ones formed in confinement amid global lockdown depicting a synthesis of paradoxical emotions and soundscapes.”

Get to know Harvey Causon In Short…

Mez – Still Marga

The bounce in that synth and the kick pattern is next level sexy and inspired the way I produced Blind Eye. Mez is the best grime for me!

Fka Twigs – Cellophane

The simplicity and closeness of the vocal and the space in this track I wanted to emulate for Half Hour Verve. I think it really helps the lyrics and the vocals tell the story. Twigs is beyond!

Weval – Someday

Weval are kings of synths and delays for me. This track is such a bop and the music video does it justice, Gabe and I wanted to emulate some of the spacing in Off Kilter for sure.

Bjork – The Gate

All of the found sound type sampled instruments and the sound design inspired a lot of the tracks. Also playing around with the tunings on different oscillators of synth sounds on tracks like Extended Present was inspired by a lot of Bjork’s latest album.

Floating Points – Falaise

This track is so unbelievably beautiful, gets me every time. I think Sam used the Buchla Easel and homemade pedals to mess with the orchestra and it just sounds so fresh. The harmony is just bewildering. I wanted to emulate some of the rotary cabinet/LFO style strings and synths in Off kilter and Extended present.