Benjamin Spike Saunders // Photoset

January 26th | Bristol Improv Theatre

Sometimes you realise just why a gig is often referred to as a ‘show’.¬†Benjamin Spike Saunders¬†is the sort of artist/poet/musician whose performance is ultimately a musical one, but you always get much more than words and tunes out of him. Aptly for a venue with ‘Theatre’ in its name, he brought an impressive sense of light-hearted drama to the evening.

In reference to his EP ‘Tonsil Wife’, from late 2019, the night’s events were entitled ‘A Tonsil Wedding’ and brought out the formal attire from the usually more casually-dressed performers. As with any wedding there was plenty of high emotion. Had your creepy uncle been there, he’d definitely have considered doing that shuffling, thumbs-up, jive-y dance he always does at functions. We were treated to the premiere of Benjamin’s new video and plenty of his own brand of charming wryness.

See the video for ‘Delicate’ here: