Bess Atwell // Photoset

12th October | Louisiana

You know, when you’re heading into a show by someone who’s not long released an EP entitled Big Blue that you expect to come out the other end of the show feeling energised yet tranquil. Bess Atwell shows are like trips to the spa for people who don’t like trips to the spa. They’re as refreshing as the lidos and beaches that you see in the recent video for ‘Ventnor Villas’.

There’s something gloriously ethereal and elemental about Bess’ sound, bringing a sense of the outdoors to a darkened room above a pub on an autumnal evening. Bathed in blue light, we were at the point where the horizon met the sea. If Bess Atwell doesn’t make ever-bigger waves, it’ll be a big surprise and a damn shame.

See the video for ‘Ventnor Villas’ here: