24th May | SWX

Big Thief are coming to SWX. A four-piece with roots in Brooklyn, New York, their music is a mixture between folk and indie-rock. More and more people are still discovering Big Thief, even though they have been around since 2015. They have sense of the open air and rural joy to them when you first hear them. Perhaps this is their folk roots or the fact that when you stalk them on Instagram, you get to see them sitting around fields with guitars or travelling around on tour wearing dungarees.

Their recent album is entitled U.F.O.F, F meaning ‘friend’. After hearing the title, I couldn’t help but wonder what this all meant? It seems that Big Thief have an exciting interest in extraterrestrials and the supernatural. This comes out with their magical two new singles ‘Century’ and ‘Cattails’ that uproot you into rural America. The beginning of their song ‘Century’ starts with the everyday, “Dogs eyes in the headlights of the driveway, Cool autumn rain,” and ends with the more spiritual “We have the same power.”

The velvety quality of Big Thief brings you into a soft folky lull. You can imagine them sitting a cabin somewhere recording this. Though you will hear bits in their music that take your mind back to American bands like Sun Kil Moon, singing about the complacency and weird things about the urban and pop culture of America. It will be great to get to grips with their own rural myths, supernatural and folk roots in urban Bristol.

Listen to ‘Cattails’ here: