Blossoms // Live Review & Photoset

12th December | O2 Academy

Photos: Alesha Hickmans

Blossoms arrive at Bristol’s O2 Academy at a time when ‘Albums of the Year’ lists flood the Internet and there’s almighty talk about everyone’s 2018 highlights.

If we’re being honest, their second album, Cool Like You isn’t likely to make many of those said lists in a climate of boundary-pushing artists. What the Stockport bunch have done, though, is stayed true to themselves and delivered even more glistening indie-pop anthems. Tonight they bring a masterclass of how to work a crowd in the live setting as well.

They cruise through tracks both new and old, with their early material gripping the most. Tracks like ‘Cut Me And I’ll Bleed’ and ‘Blown Rose’ carry an irresistibly emotive undercurrent. Blossoms stand out because they know how to write a sickly-sweet pop track and their fans bellow back lyrics to the likes of ‘Getaway’ and ‘At Most A Kiss’.

The crowd end up eating out the palm of their hand after a big festive singalong, notably Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ which proves an easy winner. It’s definitely a gimmick but you shouldn’t take this group too seriously, as they don’t take themselves too seriously themselves. Have it with a pinch of salt and have done.

The jewel in the crown comes with the encore of ‘Charlemagne,’ a banger that nobody can argue with. Scoff at this band if you like, but as long as they’re packing out venues and standing their ground on festival bills, they’ll always have the last laugh.

See the video for ‘How Long Will This Last?’ here: