12th July | Louisiana

There was a real homely feel to the Brockley Forest gig at The Louisiana; it started off bare with a few people filtering in The Louisiana. KAMINO came on first and these guys were incredibly energetic with a mix of hardcore rock and metal. Then there was the rough rockers, LUCKY THIEF debuting their first show together. There was an open atmosphere everywhere of hardcore fans, friends and curious gig-goers. It seemed all a happy flurry.

There was a bit of time in between and I managed to speak to Seb and Dec from Brockley Forest. It seemed right to talk about the end of their journey with them directly at this point before they played. It appeared that their foundation and creation were around the love of rock and roll and this had influenced a whole friendship, right up to the creation of Brockley Forest.

They both talked a lot about Bristol as whole musical community in itself. This is very apparent socially wherever you go in Bristol. There were times, both of them said they had felt comfortable touring and creating networks, whereby having this natural connection to their Bristolian roots really opened up things musically for them. Both of them also went to America together and opened up about how this influenced a lot of the beginning of the band and changed their own perspectives.

Later, as they both came onto stage, it was absolutely rammed for a last goodbye. Brockley Forest played all their finest songs, from the running, stomping ‘Run For Your Money’, to the infamous favourite, ‘Taboo.’ Watching any duo can feel difficult and I wondered why they never were more than two – to which they said no one really committed to them as a band.

The whole gig was a fever of sound wafting through people’s barely resistant immune systems. It was almost like watching a jam session. Very visual – with an acoustic guitar spray-painted with a silver question mark, a look of the singer being something from the first punk era and the drummer looking like one of Jimi Hendrix’s Experience. It was a mark of the variety that the local music scene brings to places like The Louisiana, and that the Loui brings to the local scene.

For Brockley Forest it seemed really hard to let go and rewind seven years of playing live and working together as a duo. With their first gig having been at The Louisiana, it only seemed natural that they chose to end their musical journey together at the same place. It’s always exciting to see the end of a journey like this. The trick with Brockley Forest was to end the night with friends on the stage with them rocking out. It seemed like they were onto a positive next step.

Advice for musicians starting up from Brockley Forest: “Be on time, be on time, and be on time. If you’re early be on time, if you’re on time, then you’re late and if you are late, be on time.”

See Brockley Forest play ‘Rubicon’ live here: