February 1st | Louisiana

Featured image: Chelsey Cliff

The Louisiana is without doubt one of Bristol’s most beloved independent music venues. And that’s why it’s the ideal place for Chiverin to host a blistering musical showcase this coming Independent Venue Week.

Leading the line-up are kaleidoscopic wanderers Cousin Kula, fresh off the release of last year’s Oodles/Stroodles EP. On it, the band offers an effortless blend of spacey psychedelia and smooth R&B; it’s the sound of a crooning alien calling you back to its outer space bachelor pad. They already have a formidable reputation as a live act and the fresh ammunition provided by the new EP is only sure to make their performances even better.

And while Cousin Kula are a tempting enough proposition by themselves, there are plenty of other highlights to look forward to on the line-up as well. Pocket Sun occupy a similar orbit, with their neon-tinted keyboards and languid, otherworldly vocals, while Langkamer’s rust-flecked brand of alt-country continues to sound like nothing else in the Bristol music scene. Then there’s the stunning Herbal Tea, whose Angel Olsen-like lo-fi rock is as warm and soothing as the project’s name suggests.

With oodles of talent spread across three stages, it’s hard to think of a better place to hole up next weekend than The Louisiana.

See the video for ‘Jelly Love’ here: