25th October | Colston Hall

Ever since they played a small warm up show at Trinity last year to preview second album Not To Disappear, Daughter’s live show has gone from strength to strength. The band’s second album saw their sorrow-drenched indie take flight, with Elena Tonra’s words transported to an altogether bigger place by guitars reminiscent of Sigur Rós and melodies that cut through the sadness.

It’s an album designed for theatres like the Colston Hall, and as a result tonight’s show works impeccably. The band, Tonra, guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella have been joined by a percussionist and three-person brass section for this, the biggest segment of the UK shows for the album, and the additions take the band’s sound even further.

Opening with the first two tracks from Not To Disappear – ‘New Ways’ and ‘Numbers’ – the extra instrumentation added is subtle, but certainly helps fill the sold-out hall. It’s in first album cuts ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Human’, though, that the difference really shows. The band’s older songs, written by Tonra on an acoustic guitar and adapted to become full-band offerings, often cried out for the majesty that flows through Not To Disappear, and the latest incarnation of Daughter does them more than justice.

A gorgeous rendition of ‘Shallows’ closes the main set, and it’s undoubtedly the most full and complete Daughter have ever sounded. Taking things back half a decade with pre-album track ‘Medicine’ before finishing on a crushing ‘Fossa’, it’s an all-encompassing set that draws Daughter’s biggest year as a band to a close.

The potential has always been there for Daughter to become one of the loudest and brightest live bands in the world, but not until now has it been fully realised. There’s no limits on where they can go next.

Watch the band’s video for ‘Doing The Right Thing’ below.