March 6th | Crofters Rights

Viable options for a Friday night? Celebrity Antiques Road Trip on BBC2? Celebrity Britain By Barge on Channel 5? Ninety minutes of live Crufts coverage on Channel 4? Queueing out of the door of the local chippy for a gutful of lard, before crawling home to hibernate, possibly in front of one of the aforementioned televisual horrors?

As dog-eared as you may feel by the end of the week, surely declaring it the beginning of the weekend, raising your sights towards the delights of Stokes Croft and heading for The Crofters Rights for an array of delights from Breakfast Records is the way to go. Headlining this bill that far surpasses any takeaway menu or schedule on the idiot box is Bristol’s own Dogeyed, along with label-mate Rebecka Reinhard and Bristol singer/songwriter, Josie Blakelock.

Don’t expect Dogeyed to cheer you up on a Friday night, mind you – not straightforwardly anyway. They do melancholy. But it has to be said they do it somewhat upliftingly, not only with the smooth, mellifluous composition of their tracks, but also in a sense that you hear their lyrics and you tend to think either “I get these people” or “These people get me.” Listen to their releases from 2020 so far, ‘Waves’ and ‘Kalimotxo’ and you may well embrace them as especially excellent tracks to help you break up with the week just gone.

Listen to ‘Kalimotxo’ here: