February 29th | Louisiana

Silly names aside, Dry Cleaning are a band to be reckoned with – a spiky powerhouse of youthful energy and chaotic hedonism.

Hailing from South London, these rising indie-start-ups mix jangly guitars with off-kilter lyrics and dry wit. They’re a band unafraid of twisting indie rock norms. Their snarky social commentaries bite hard, gnawing incessantly at the bones of a country in harrowing disrepair. Some may be put off by the band’s languid vocal delivery, yet it’s a delivery that suits their carefree angst-driven aura. A sense of hapless defeatism strangely soothes amongst a cacophony of discordant guitar wails. It’s cool. It’s gritty. It’s music you can strut to and snarl with at the state of the world.

It’s also effortlessly British; sharp angular riffs scuffle as if documenting a harsh kitchen-sink descent into turmoil. Dry Cleaning are snotty and loose around the edges and they’re all the better for it. A rocking ode to grey downtrodden corners of inner-city London, in which hipsters and racists are given a swift and mouthy earful. It’s hard to think of a new and up-and-coming band that’s just as badass – laced with swagger, creative freedom and politicised intent. Catch their post-punk thrall in what is sure to be a sweaty Louisiana.

See the video for ‘Magic of Meghan’ here: