Emily Capell // Photoset

22nd February | Hy-Brasil

Soulful, bluesy, rockabilly, rock ‘n’ roll, indiefied, joyful tunes from Emily Capell greeted us all at Hy-Brasil. How could anyone¬† behave, let alone keep still when the beehived queen bee on the stage was enchanting us with songs about being young and excitable, or young and frustratable. There’s something of everyone’s youth in these songs, and for those relying on the strength of memory to recapture that youth, her songs act as a refreshing reminder. For those still very much riding the wave of youth, there’s plenty of empathy to be shared with Emily, whether through a wry smile, or gnashy teeth. Paul Lippiatt had the full force of her musical tonic and captured this photoset for us.

See Emily perform ‘Brixton Prison’ live here: