February 9th | The Lanes

En Attendant Ana play The Lanes on Sunday night. It’s free. Not everything that’s free is any good, nor should music be inherently free. It’s arguably more of a refined use of human skills than much better-paid professions, like those involving making a packet by shifting money around by clicks on a computer. And golfers. This freebie, however, is the proverbial ‘gift horse’. Get on it.

‘En Attendant Ana’ is French for ‘waiting for Ana’. They’re not going all continental on us whilst being from somewhere like Basildon or Morecambe. They’re 100% Parisian, from that large land mass of diverse nations South-East of Dover, that some still refer to as ‘Europe’. Paris is definitely the kind of place you could imagine pleasantly hanging around on bustling street corners, waiting in a pleasant, people-watching daze for someone called Ana. Whatever Ana has done, or wherever she is, she’s arriving on Sunday night and she’s definitely worth waiting for.

En Attendant Ana play with a brisk and bubbly jangle of Sarah or Postcard Records, with Margaux Bouchaudon’s crystalline vocals reminiscent of bands like Talulah Gosh. There’s also the underlying post-punk rumble of the bass, counterbalancing the lightness of the jangle. Camille Fréchou’s brassy additions give the arrangements some soaring Belle and Sebastian moments. With new album, Juillet out in January, and delicate sounds from their debut album to offer, En Attendant Ana come to The Lanes, by the grace of Waxslax’s kindly promotions, bearing the sort of offerings and opportunities that don’t usually enlighten or enliven your Sunday night.

See the video for ‘In/Out’ here: