4th January | Old England

Photo: Jonny Nolan

Football FC have quickly climbed the ranks of Bristol’s music scene since forming just over a year ago, and it’s not hard to see why. Punk rock feels more essential than ever – just take note of the quick rises of Fontaines D.C. and fellow Bristolians IDLES – and Football FC have a sound and message that fits alongside these acts effortlessly.

I mean, it’s there in the name: Football FC (short for Football Football Club). It’s ridiculous, but in a way that makes sense, almost making fun of the hyper-masculinity that football fandom is often associated with. The band’s latest and best single ‘Big Time’ presents a similar character to the listener: a businessman who’s obsessed with making big money and wearing the big shoes. It’s a tongue-in-cheek takedown of capitalism and the social norm that wouldn’t have felt out of place on a classic Gang of Four or The Clash album.

Musically, ‘Big Time’ thumps and crashes in all the right ways, with the vocals booming over the top of the track like a siren. There’s even a warbling analogue synth at the back of the song, which adds to its DIY punk feel. If it’s a sign of where Football FC plan to go next, then 2020 seems poised to be their year. And this show at The Old England – backed by the equally exciting Grandma’s House and The Jacques – is the perfect way to kick it off.

See the video for ‘Big Time’ here: