March 2nd | Fleece

Franc Moody’s surname feels a little misleading. Franc Funky even has a more appropriate ring to it. I’ve scoured their discography for something that would fit the ‘moody’ tag, and alas, my hands are empty.

The six-piece collective have been crafting busy pieces of ear-worming funk since some time in 2016. Their music is a kinetic force, moving at a steady pace and very rarely stalling for anything other than a heartbeat. The electronics rattle, some songs containing twinkling synths that wouldn’t be amiss on an Animal Collective project. Others, like the title track for their upcoming album Dream In Colour, use elements of video game music to pepper the song’s timbre.

The bass playing pounds, an elastic band leader in its own right, often driving the spine of a track’s groove, which the drum skitters around in a hypnotic mixture of sampled claps and real cymbal crashes. The guitars both support and add another lead texture, at one moment a series of scratched chords leaning into the crevasses of the rhythm section’s groove, at others wailing over the top of the track with furious lead licks.

This densely-layered approach to music, combined with a frenetic and confident playing style, has led to their live performance becoming revered. Considering the fan base they’ve cultivated and the ground they’ve already travelled, it’ll make it even more fresh and exciting that their debut album drops just a few days before this gig. It feels like we’re standing on the edge with a band about to take off.

See the video for ‘Dream In Colour’ here: