20th July | Ashton Gate

Future Islands’ performance of ‘Seasons (Waiting on You)’ on Letterman in 2014 thrust the band into both public consciousness and YouTube stardom, and has dictated their mainstream appeal ever since. Surely already written about as many times as it has been viewed (2.7million and counting), the emotionally irresistible execution of frontman, Samuel T. Herring’s passion-fuelled delivery could easily have defined the trio’s career, rendering them one-trick ponies. Instead, the Baltimore natives roared triumphantly with fifth album, The Far Field, enlisting the help of Debbie Harry to enhance their sumptuous synth-based sound and earn their highest UK album chart position (number 18), amplifying their cult status in the process.

The set promises to investigate the whole sensual spectrum of rapturous joys from ‘Sun in the Morning’ to the rich sadness of ‘A Dream of You and Me’, via the contemplative ‘Ran’. Aided by Herring’s enthralling on-stage behaviour – he has a tendency to dance uncontrollably whilst cutting a fixated stare through the crowd, as if possessed – coupled with his unique yet comforting vocal, Future Islands boast a show that can grip, intrigue and delight audiences like few others. This is undoubtedly something they will seek to prove at Ashton Gate on Friday.

See their 4AD session video for ‘Sun In The Morning’ here: