March 11th | Thekla

It’s time for Georgia’s moment in the spotlight. The bedroom pop artist has had a huge couple of years, turning heads with her breakout single, ‘Started Out’ back in 2018, and 2020 seems set to be her biggest one yet. And it’s well deserved. Her new album Seeking Thrills, her first in five years, feels like a reboot of sorts and shows off a wilder and more exuberant side of the artist.

The album almost plays like the soundtrack for an imaginary party, with Georgia delivering dancefloor bangers back-to-back. The aforementioned ‘Started Out’ is equal parts electric and eclectic, boasting enough high points on its own to fill an album. It has a certain “everything but the kitchen sink” feel to it, but miraculously every part of the song lands. Similarly stunning is ‘About Work The Dancefloor’ – an ode to the dancefloor as a form of release – and the candy-coated ‘Never Let You Go’, which is filled with glittering hooks and ray-gun synths.

Pop music doesn’t get any more joyous and colourful than the songs on Seeking Thrills, and it provides Georgia with plenty of ammo for her upcoming tour. So, make sure you come along and help her work the dancefloor.

See the video for ‘Never Let You Go’ here: