Posting this on an unseasonally clear and sunny day feels like a positive omen for the week ahead. Seize the moment and step out this January while it lasts – there’s some absolutely fantastic shows ahead! Which ones catch your eye?

Friday 17th January

EP/64, aka Ephemeral Project 64 (credit: Simon Holliday)

EP/64 – Exchange Basement

The Ephemeral Project is an intriguing concept. Sixty-four gigs, then it’s gone forever. Slowly but surely, the project formed by Dali de Saint Paul has been counting down to its conclusion. The line-up shifts and mutates among numerous collaborators from Bristol and beyond, offering up a unique experience for those bold enough to throw themselves into the fray of improvisational live music. But there is a sparse breadcrumb trail for what may be in store, as ambient composer John Scott – aka Stereocilia – factors in for this performance. More here…

Saturday 18th January

Joy – Rough Trade

Did you know, a Google search of “joy” will set you back with a whopping 1,710,000,000 results (approx.) including, but not limited to, clothing brands, luxury yachts, the Jennifer Lawrence film, a curious emotional state, a critically-acclaimed Act of Resistance, and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? Did you also know that an Austrian band, a South African band, not to mention acts such as No Joy, Sick Joy, Maximum Joy and Band of Joy will further encumber your search for the Bristol-based post-punk outfit?

In short, why not skip the algorithmic headache, and simply check out the band at their in-store single launch for ‘Plastic Waste (At The Bottom Of The Mariana Trench)’ this week? Beefywinks, Grandmas House, and Gyno round out the line-up for an evening that will truly spark… delight. More here…

Sunday 19th January

Mura Masa (credit: Matthew Parri Thomas)

Mura Masa – Fleece

Even if you don’t know Mura Masa by name, chances are he’s collaborated with some of your favourite artists of the past decade. We’re talking Stormzy, Shura, Charli XCX, and the exceptional Slowthai, who just so happens to feature on ‘Deal Wiv It,’ the most recent single from the imminent R.Y.C. [Raw Youth Collage]. A boundless new-school beatmaker extraordinaire, this album launch show is an absolute must RSVP Going. More here…

Tuesday 21st January

Black Country, New Road

Black Country, New Road – Thekla

The music phenomenon that you blinked and missed on, because whoops, the show sold out! Hailing from the capitol, this six-piece tore things up at Simple Things 2019, and equally astounded the Rough Trade crowd in Bristol later that same year. Really, you’ve only got yourself to blame if you were thinking they’d have tickets OTD, but there’s a lesson to be learned here and if it’s any consolation, I spaced on it too like a total fool. More here…

Wednesday 22nd January

Walt Disco, Mouse, Fever 103° – Exchange Basement

An evening brought to you in partnership from Wax Music and So Young Magazine begs the question “Who Are You?” shedding light on three acts performing in the Exchange Basement room – a performance space that has truly come to feel like a rite of passage for fresh-faced talent. For Bristol’s ardent gig-goers, don’t let this pass you by. More here…


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