This week’s Gigs of the Week is massively front-loaded with shows, but you’re going to need to take some difficult decisions between some of the clashes that the Gig Gods have sent to test you. Note that Saturday night is free, so that you can do anything but watch Eurovision.

Thursday 16th May


Soak + Pillow Queens – Thekla

Bridie Mons-Watson performs as SOAK. If you observe the titles of her two albums, Before We Forgot How To Dream (2015) and Grim Town (2019), then you’d assume that this Derry girl was the embodiment of melancholy. But you should expect a drenching in a wider ocean of emotion at Thekla. More here…

Maria Somerville + Davy Kehoe + Tara Clerkin Trio – Rough Trade

Maria Somerville is very much the William Butler Yeats of dream-pop. Taking inspiration from the remote island of Inis Óirr, off the west coast of Ireland, her recent album, All My People layers gauzy, ethereal vocals over ambient beats and traditional Irish instruments. More here…

Gigs of the Week
Body Type

Body Type – Crofters Rights

Aussie quartet, Body Type aren’t the easiest to locate via Google Images. Search via videos and you’re likely to find rrriotous alt-rock and reverberant, punch-drunk post-punk. Listen to the recent release ‘Uma’ and see if you’re not inspired to yell, musketeer-style, “All for one and one for all.” More here…

Calvin Johnson + Holiday Ghosts – Grain Barge

If you like John Grant, The Magnetic Fields or Mac DeMarco, Calvin Johnson ought to float your boat. If listening to him afloat, on a bona fide boat isn’t therefore delicious synchronicity, then I don’t know what is. For water-borne adventures in lo-fi, get to the Grain Barge. More here…

Gigs of the Week
WH Lung

WH Lung + Kayla Painter – Louisiana

Naming your band after the local Chinese supermarket isn’t something a Bristol band has yet done (worth noting). Mancunians, WH Lung, play sprawling, driving synth-heavy rock that gives you overtones of Hookworms, Public Service Broadcasting and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. More here…

Friday 17th May

Murder Capital
The Murder Capital (Photo: Neelam Khan Vela)

The Murder Capital + Egyptian Blue – Hy-Brasil

In a climate where Fontaines DC can sell out huge venues whilst their first album is just coming out, The Murder Capital may well be next in the queue for take-off on Dublin’s success runway. They’re capable of the naked aggression of Shame and the ominous Gothic strains of classic post-punk bands. More here…

Prettiest Eyes + CHANG – The Lanes

I’m not sure what a ‘Nekrodisco’ is, but I’m glad of the presence of the ‘k’ rather than a ‘c’ and from the sound of the track by Prettiest Eyes from their forthcoming album, Vol 3, I’d definitely spend an evening in one. Post-industrial, provocative and peculiarly pretty, they definitely get into your sub-conscious. More here… 

The Beths

The Beths + Hans Pucket – Fleece

Happy? Unhappy? The answer to this might be reliant on whether you were quick enough off the mark to obtain a ticket for The Beths at The Fleece. You wonder just how big a venue they could fill in Bristol. Their indie-rock buzzes with all of the cheers, beers and tears of a summer’s day. More here…

Oh, The Guilt + HAVVK + Deep Sea Thieves – Zed Alley

Naming yourself after a Nirvana song certainly seems like nailing your sonic colours to the mast, but if you’ll get plenty more than grungey soundalikes from Bristol’s Oh, The Guilt. Veering between posts (post-punk and post-rock), there’s moody introspection, yet tumultuous guitar heft. More here…

Gigs of the Week

Georgia – Louisiana

Can you dance? I can’t. I look like I’m trying to escape from a giant paper bag. But it’s artists like Georgia that give me the sense that I can, and indeed should, dance. Whether that’s good for humanity is arguable, but Georgia’s electro-pop genuinely does make you want to work the dancefloor. More here…

Sunday 19th May


Crocodiles + Radiators – The Lanes

In February, Crocodiles released Love Is Here, sounding typically Californian in their declarations of frisky warmth. Opening track, ‘Nuclear Love’ includes the phrase, “So hold me close while I detonate,” which might end up being the best offer you’ll get all week if it implies what I think it implies. More here… 

Monday 20th May


BEAK> + Snapped Ankles + Autobitch – SWX

I think Geoff Barrow might have been in another Bristol band once, but comprising one third of BEAK> with Billy Fuller and Will Young (not that Will Young), he’s been part of another mighty city institution for a decade now. Sounding like post-apocalyptic Can, let them make Monday motorik. More here…

Kikagaku Moyo + Nekkuro Hána – The Lanes

Masana Temples sound like places of spiritual joy, so when Kikagaku Moyo put out an album of that name last year and filled it with rich psychedelia, flecked with a jazz, funk and guitar breaks that unapologetically rocked out, most critics felt suitably transcendent. More here…   

Tuesday 21st May

Open Mike Eagle (Photo: Kim Newmoney)

Open Mike Eagle – Fleece

Rap hasn’t immediately been associated with a wry sense of humour over the decades. Many see comedy rap as the decidedly inferior relative of its deadly and serious street-smart forebear. They haven’t seen Chris Rock in CB4, or spent time delighting in the subtleties of Open Mike Eagle. More here… 

Wednesday 22nd May

Alaskslaska + Pocket Sun + Kimbo Nice – Rough Trade

London-based six-piece, Alaskalaska have made quite the impression with their recent debut album, The Dots. There’s so much going on at once that needs to be joined up; it’s a veritable game of ‘Spot The Genre’, gilded by the crystalline vocals of singer, Lucinda Duarte-Holman. More here…


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