Gig-goers of Bristol, I have one question for you this week: where will you be on Saturday this week? The unthinkable has happened and I’m having a bit of a meltdown over a four-way clash.

Anyway, let’s attempt break the week down some more before we make any difficult decisions…

Thursday 23rd January

Giant Drag (credit: Asia Whitney)

Giant Drag – Thekla

Back in 2005, the world wasn’t ready for Giant Drag. Hearts & Unicorns was met with lukewarm reception, if acknowledged at all, whilst party rock dudes were showered with numerous accolades. Generally, any woman releasing music that didn’t line up with the image of a wilting faun seemed terribly maligned in mainstream music publications. It was a shame to see, because Giant Drag totally shreds. Even its follow-up years later, 2013’s Waking Up Is Hard To Do, disappeared quickly without a trace. Subsequently, Giant Drag went on a farewell tour – including a date at Bristol’s Fleece ­– before retiring the name.

Or so we thought. My personal opinion of reunions is typically don’t – it feels insincere – but when incredible music has been cast over in such a way, it deserves a second chance under (hopefully) more favourable circumstances. Their first Bristol show in seven years at Thekla this week will certainly be an interesting one to attend, especially given Annie Hardy’s more recent solo output. More here…

Saturday 25th January

Daughter of Swords

Daughter of Swords – At The Well

The tender, heartfelt meditations that compose Daughter of Swords’ mystifying debut Dawnbreaker are entirely breathtaking to hear on record, finding yourself held to every captivating note. Imagine then, what it’s like to hear them live. At The Well this Saturday, you won’t have to imagine much longer. More here…

Emily Breeze (Bristol Ticket Shop fundraiser) – Rough Trade

Like so many of our readers, we’ve been devastated by the news of Bristol Ticket Shop’s closure this past week, but community support for the Bristolian ticket hub has been incredible. This show, headlined by local legend Emily Breeze, continues the campaign of crowd-funding and benefit gigs set in motion to ease the financial strain hanging over from the closure. More here…

The Menstrual Cramps // Anarchistwood // The Sinictones – The Chelsea Inn

Bristol’s hardest feminist punks are back this Saturday, unleashing their righteous fury at The Chelsea Inn. Putting a staunch middle finger up to Tory government, the seemingly unending nightmare of late-stage capitalism, and the objectification of womxn… it’s an anger many feel and share in. Rounding things out, Anarchistwood and The Sinictones will be spitting similar feathers as support on the evening. More here…

Twin Siblings // Grandmas House // Seek Warmth – Exchange Basement

Twin Siblings are hard to define. At times, Jake Healy’s baritone holds you safely aloft from the nightmare muzak grinding beneath. Then the noise suddenly becomes so much more gnarly and it’ll knock you sideways. With stellar support in tow from Grandmas House and Seek Warmth, you’ll be hard-pressed deciding where to be this Saturday. More here…

Tuesday 28th January

Don’t Worry // Soot Sprite – Exchange Basement

Two bands that both released fabulous EPs on Specialist Subject Records last year, performing together under one roof (and two floors) this Tuesday. Those of you who’ve kept up with your GOTW know my fondness for Soot Sprite already, but I’ll gladly reiterate Sharp Tongue destroys. And Don’t Worry’s acoustic renderings on You Can’t Change Your Heart or Your Hairline are fully prepped to level your heart. That version of ‘Yeah, Maybe’… no, you’re the one who’s crying! More here…

Wednesday 29th January


KOKOROKO – Trinity Centre

For all the angsty music out there, KOKOROKO instead make music that nourishes the soul. Inspired partially by the works of Fela Kuti and Ebo Taylor, the jazzy, afrobeat 8-piece from London seem determined to get you moving. With big, brassy sax, and bass licks that totally slap, it’s a feelgood mid-week vibe down at the Trinity Centre, urging you to stay strong. More here…


SickOnes – Exchange Basement

One of our one’s to watch, SickOnes are performing a free show in the Exchange Basement this Wednesday. All the more reason to check them out now! You’ll need to get down there early though to avoid the disappointment of being turned away because of capacity. Don’t worry, you’ll get fair exchange on your time with Oversize, Fawner, and Gunderson in supporting slots, keeping you thoroughly enthralled from doors till curfew. More here…


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