It’s genuinely easy to consider Bristol’s music world as the bounds of the known universe. I lowered my head from such lofty heights and scrutinised the news for a second yesterday, noticed that the world’s gone mad and quickly returned to the music. It’s Gigs of the Week time. Hurray!

Thursday 25th April

Rozi Plain
Rozi Plain

Rozi Plain + Nuala Honan – SouthBank

With a new album entitled What a Boost available from all good retailers (and a few disreputable online behemoths, I suspect, but don’t buy it from them), there’s a continuous supply of musical stimulation from Rozi Plain that embodies the natural and the mystical worlds in equal measures. More here…

Rakta + DEAFKIDS + Fuck Authority + Monocle – Rough Trade

A double-bill of Brazilian joy and not a strip of wax in sight. We got excited when Rakta came to town in November, and as it turned out, we were totally right to react in that way. DEAFKIDS are a psychedelic hardcore beast that might not suit the eardrums of little cherubs. More here…

Friday 26th April


Dave + slowthai + Jaykae – O2 Academy

And this is just one gig? The extraordinary rising rapper with the uber-ordinary name, supported by more swift-rising talent with less ‘bloke down the pub’ identities? Dave tops a mini-festival of a bill at The O2 Academy, bringing his own Psychodrama to Bristol. All-round rap rapture. More here…

Steam Down – Rough Trade

Steam rises. Windows steam up. So Steam Down might sound like a counter-intuitive phrase, but the Deptford collective of artists seek to turn your world upside-down. What you think of as a gig will be challenged by their interactive approach. Turns out Afrofuturism is very now. More here…


Martha + WOAHNOWS + Nervous Rex – Exchange

In their interview for the current magazine, the Durham DIY-anarcho punks, Martha, talk about, “finding other freaks that are like you and you can celebrate being weirdos with.” They also really like wrestling. If you fancy some freaky grappling (with their sounds and their emotive lyrics), Friday is the night. More here…

Bristol GERM: Kinlaw & Franco Franco + Lynks Afrikka + Lazarus Kane – Hy-Brasil

Germination is rife in Bristol. From the fertile territories of Noods Radio, Avon Terror Corps and altruistic mavericks The Bristol GERM comes an evening of ‘cyborg/industrial/post-industrial trap’ from Kinlaw & Franco Franco, backed up by the ever-fragrant Lynks Afrikka. More here…

Saturday 27th April


Bristol Takeover 2019 – Colston Hall Foyer

There’s a whole day of free music to be had, with the best of Bristol, and stages curated by the likes of Saffron, BIMM, Multi-Track and those lovely people at Bristol In Stereo. On our stage along, you can catch MouseChaouche, Kate Stapley, Langkamer, INDIGOs, Pet ShimmersHaze and SpectresMore here…

Almatic – Canteen

More free stuff – Almatic play The Canteen on Saturday night. For the past few years, this Bristol five-piece have been feeding us with their brew of hip-hop, funk and neo-soul. Expect smart, bright word-play that’ll give your mind a lively work-out, coupled with infectious rhythms. More here…

Monday 29th April


MarthaGunn – Louisiana

Brighton five-piece, MarthaGunn have just released their debut single, ‘Saint Cecilia’. They bonded whilst all living under the same roof, and as their very own house band, formed a sound influenced by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Mystery Jets and Haim, which they describe as “Direct. Emotive. Human.” More here…

Bike + Almagrey – Lanes

Representing Brazil for its second appearance in this list, post-Tropicália psych-rockers, Bike play The Lanes. If you’ve heard their album 1943, you can hear its trippy qualities, that express the freedom of the underground Tropicália movement from when Brazil lived under a dictatorship. More here…

Wednesday 1st May

Otoboke Beaver

Otoboke Beaver + Say Sue Me + Drinking Boys and Girls Choir – Fleece

This mighty bill is a case of Japan 1 South Korea 2, but really everyone’s a winner. Headliners, Otoboke Beaver play garage-rock that’s beyond Bikini Kill and borderline bonkers. They took their name from a local love hotel. Prepare to get frisky. More here…

Lilith Ai + GINS – Hydra Bookshop

A finalist in 2018’s Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition, and one of our choices for this year’s longlist, it’s entirely fait to surmise that Lilith Ai‘s talent has well and truly emerged. On a set of intimate, acoustic dates, she presents her Bare Radical tour. Wear clothes. More here…


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