Here we are, slap bang in the middle of Independent Venue Week. If you haven’t checked out some of the amazing shows on offer yet, there’s still time to catch up as the weekend approaches and we roll into February.

Thursday 30th January

Kiwi Jr (credit: Pardian McLeod)

3% of One (1% of One Birthday) – Lazarus Kane // Kiwi Jr. // Agata – Old England

Unfortunately, this one’s sold out, and I don’t wish to harp on about the gigs you may not be able to attend, but promotors 1% of One have been putting on some of Bristol’s best gigs over the past few years and definitely deserve some recognition for their birthday celebration here.

The line-up that was initially kept a secret has now been revealed. We’ve got eclectic selection, including the moody disco stylings of Nazarus Kane, Kiwi Jr’s jangle rock, and emotionally charged music of Agata all to look forward to. And a lucky thirty patrons – first through the door – can win a free longsleeve. Sounds like a top night if you ask me. More here…

Friday 31st January

404 Guild

Spinny Nights – 404 Guild // Kinlaw x Franco Franco // Grove // First Crimes – Old England

Then we’re back at the Old England on Friday for another. You can’t say Bristol promoters don’t give you enough bang for your buck. Spinny Nights are curating the best underground hip-hop, electronic, and experimental music, conveniently putting it all under one roof for you. Their nineteenth instalment brings you London’s 404 Guild and Bristol’s Kinlaw x Franco Franco, among others. It’s gonna be a late one, methinks! More here…

Saturday 1st February

Squirrel Flower

Squirrel Flower – Friendly Records

In-stores are fantastic events in the gig-goers calendar. A chance to see an artist in an environment that’s usually less intense than traditional venue settings, and usually they finish earlier in the day, which means you can still get a healthy night’s sleep!

The friendly staff at Friendly Records certainly have good taste putting on this up-and-comer. Though the name Squirrel Flower hearkens Polyvinyl’s dubious years of twee, Emma O’Connor Williams’ music bears more resemblance to the untethered fuzz of Snail Mail and/or Soccer Mommy. I Was Born Swimming is one of this year’s hot ticket albums, so get on the bandwagon sooner than later. Like, this Saturday, maybe. More here…

GERM III: Silver Waves // EP/64 // BAAST // Jackson Veil Panther – The Island

Full disclosure, I don’t know exactly what “3D sound system technology” is, though there’s a very informative video posted on the Facebook page that will give you a much better idea of what to expect from this show on Saturday. Even without that, I’d have been curious to find out!

The Bristol GERM are back for their third chapter, bringing you a post-hiatus Silver Waves, the never-repeated EP/64, the high-adrenaline BAAST, and a the new project from The Naturals’ Felix Drake – Jackson Veil Panther. More here…

Sunday 2nd February

Black Marble

Black Marble – Crofters Rights

It feels retro, listening to Black Marble or watching one of his music videos. It hearkens the dirgy electronic musings of artists such as Depeche Mode and New Order, or the inaguaural post-punk of The Cure. But stepping out from under the shadow of these bands, Chris Stewart has fashioned a relatively breezy identity on his latest album Bigger Than Life (his first release for Sacred Bones), which in turn has seen the project develop in leaps and bounds. Embarking on his first tour of the UK in some years, Crofters Rights feels like an apt location for his Bristol show. A pulsing heart of the city’s vibrant, underground music scene and welcoming hub for its transatlantic friends. More here…

Kano – O2 Academy Bristol

A Bristol In Stereo favourite that took our album of the month slot for September last year, Kano’s Hoodies All Summer Tour comes to Bristol due to overwhelming demand. When you consider the city’s deeply rooted affinity for hip hop, and the rise of British grime artists in the genre storming the mainstream, it truly would’ve been an injustice to omit this date from the schedule. More here…

Tuesday 4th February


IDER – Thekla

Uni chums Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville made waves with last year’s Emotional Education, and it seems like there’s no end in sight for the duo’s successes. Their previous show in Bristol at Crofters Rights saw them branching out from support slots to solid headline status. What lies in store for their Thekla show this year, we’ll have to wait and see, but I’m feeling optimistic they won’t be disappointing anyone given their trajectory. More here…


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