Chipper bonhomie is always a decent way to start Gigs of the Week, but the music world lost Her’s this week, so we’ll simply pay tribute to Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading, know that their music remains with us and regret that we’ll not get the chance to smile through another one of their live shows.  

Thursday 4th April

Cherry Glazerr
Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr + INDIGOs – Thekla

Stuffed and Ready is alive and unleashed. Combine it with the near-apocalyptic Apocalipstick and you have the material to provide a show of pants-wetting intensity. No wonder Thekla’s down for a refit after Cherry Glazerr‘s been through it. More here…


Amyl and the Sniffers + The Menstrual Cramps – Louisiana

You’ve got to choose carefully who you want to overload your central nervous system on Thursday night, as Amyl and the Sniffers bring a ton of anarchic punkish fun to The Louisiana. As you can see from the featured image, they are firmly off their trolleys. More here…

Amyl and the Sniffers

Friday 5th April

Nadia Sheikh

Nadia Sheikh + Last One Home + AtticOmatic – Mothers Ruin

Classic rock stylings, enhanced by many a nuanced sprinkling of folk and jazz, the offerings of Nadia Sheikh are generous indeed. Watch her smash a mirror in the recent video for ‘Toxic’ and then help her stave off the superstitious bad luck by cheering her raucously at The Mothers Ruin. More here…

Robi Mitch + Niall Dunne – At The Well

You’ve got to love the sounds of the Launderette: the water entering the drum, the lovely low purr of the early slow rotations, the mindful hum of the tumble dryer. Live at the Launderette offers you the chance to add the rich tones of Robi Mitch to this already-appealing soundscape. More here…

Saturday 6th April

Tugboat Captain
Tugboat Captain

Tugboat Captain + GINS + Enjoyable Listens – Hy-Brasil

There ought to be a kids’ TV show called ‘Tugboat Captain‘. The character could be a benevolent keeper of the harbour and deliver wholesome messages, like ‘Be Strong, Smoke Less’ (actually, maybe only half of that is kiddie-friendly). Decidedly ear-friendly and FREE – there are significantly worse ways to spend Saturday night. More here…

Sunday 7th April


Pozi – Rough Trade

Drums, bass and violin? Intriguing… ‘Watching You Suffer’ by Pozi makes you think of The Jam gone motorik and ‘KCTMO’, written in immediate response to the Grenfell Tower fire makes you wonder what would have happened if Suggs had ever fronted Joy Division. Check out their debut album, PZ1. More here…

Fazi + Seek Warmth – The Lanes

The opportunities to cross ‘Chinese psychedelic post-punk’ off your musical bucket list don’t fall in your lap very often, so it’d be remiss not to consider the visit of Fazi to The Lanes. ‘Mountain of Time’, released in late February, will defy your limbs to keep still, whether or not others will see you flail. More here…

Marshes (feat. Beth Porter) + Stanlæy – Wardrobe Theatre

When you listen to ‘Grey, Grey’ by Marshes, it makes you think of the joys of sitting indoors on a typically crap day of English weather, giving the elements the finger by playing yourself some warming and enlivening music. ‘Who We Are’ has a delicate beauty. Put the ‘sun’ into Sunday with a bit of Marshes. More here…

Tuesday 9th April

Georgia Anne Muldrow

Georgia Ann Mulrow + Dudley Perkins (aka Declaime) – Fiddlers

Bloody hell, Georgia Anne Muldrow – what a voice. Overload may have been the title of her most recent album, but it was also never going to fall foul of the Trade’s Descriptions Act. Electro-funk, hip-hop and jazz mill around with relaxed good cheer, like they’re at some form of lively music-genre pool party. More here…

Tirzah – Trinity

Releasing tracks like ‘Affection’ and ‘Devotion’, you can tell that Tirzah has a penchant for the deeper emotions (and for abstract nouns). Sometimes Tirzah’s R&B is so lo-fi and laid back, it seems more like R&R. She sings enchantingly and confessionally, as if we have access to her inner monologue. More here…

Material Girls + GORK – The Lanes

Living, as we are, in a material world, too many things can feel corporate, mass-produced and homogenous. The world need a few co-operatives like Material Girls to think outside the box and give us innovation and surprise. 80s goth-rock, jazzy sax and cabaret pop await at The Lanes. All within one tune. More here…

Wednesday 10th April


Girli + Ashnikko – Thekla

How to describe Milly Toomey’s output as Girli? Pink pop? Kind of. Rap? Sometimes? If you listen to ‘Day, Month, Second’, you could certainly envisage dancing your cares away, whilst also imagining dumping a complete tosser with this song as the soundtrack. Punch in the face pop? Yessss! More here…

Fake Laugh – Old England

The name of Kamran Khan’s solo project, Fake Laugh, sums up well the socially-awkward nature of simply being alive that he captures beautifully in his polished guitar-pop. On ‘Kinda Girl’ he sings, “You’re never going to win.” Head for the Old England and see whether you feel like you’re winning in life. More here…

Lucy Rose + Samantha Crain – St George’s

Last time Lucy Rose came to St George’s, she packed the place out and despite confessing that she was still one for ‘bricking it’ when in front of a crowd, showed that she’s most at home in the middle of a song. No doubt she’ll let her new album, No Words Left do the talking. More here…


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